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The Kingston Trio   •   Tune Up!

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  • Tune Up!
    • 1988 - Folk Era FE2060CD CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Rocky
    2. Old Kentucky Land
    3. Love Has Gone
    4. Allentown Jail
    5. Green Grasses
    6. Folksinger's Song
    7. C'mon Betty Home
    8. Nothing More To look forward To
    9. Jane, Jane, Jane
    10. Como Se Viene Se Va
    11. Just Once Around The Clock
    12. Green Grasses
    13. Coo Coo U

  • The Kingston Trio
  • Credits
    • Produced for Folk Era Productions by Steve Fiott, Allan Shaw
    • Recorded at Capitol Records, 1958/1964
    • Mixed and remixed at Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA.
      • Engineers: Steve Fiott, Jay Ranellucci
    • Digital Mastering at Northeastern Digital Recording, Shrewsbury, MA Digital
      • Engineer: Toby Mountain
    • Graphic Design: Ron's Art Unlimited, Nashua, N.H.
    • ® Capitol Records
    • © 1988 Folk Era Productions Inc.

Sleeve Notes

The Kingston Trio's recording career spanned almost nine years from 1958 to 1966, the majority of which was spent with Capitol Records (1958-1964). The Trio's Capitol albums were their big sellers, and provided them with Grammy awards and other industry plaudits. However, in 1958, the then unknown Trio was too big a risk for Capitol to spend the extra money necessary to record them in stereo, even though the technology was available. Their first two albums (The Kingston Trio and From The Hungry I) and virtually all their early recording sessions were done in monophonic, or one-channel recording.

When Folk Era engineers first had the opportunity to look over the unreleased material left behind by the Trio, they were amazed at the quality of some of the songs. Some people felt that a good number of the Guard Trio songs were not released because of his departure from the group in 1961, and indeed, the Stewart Trio left behind far fewer tunes than its predecessor. However, even the early mono songs were top notch, and using today's modern digital technology, these old songs have been given new life! Tune Up! is an album composed mostly of the Stewart Trio songs. Folk Era's successful Treasure Chest compact disc features most of the Guard Trio tunes. Some of these songs were previously unreleased, while others appeared on 45-rpm-single releases. However, even these have been remastered, and these new versions will take you back to the late fifties or early sixties.

The Kingston Trio was a recording legend! These early songs, even those that were originally recorded in mono and remastered using synthetic stereo, literally shine with the brilliance and excitement that was the Trio's music. The songs on this album were in many cases just a TUNE UP! for the greatness to come, but that doesn't diminish this album.

So sit back and let the years fall away as you listen to the original Kingston Trio in both its configurations with the added dimension of digital sound!