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The Kingston Trio   •   An Evening with The Kingston Trio!

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  • An Evening with The Kingston Trio
    • 1988 - Folk Era FE2064CD CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Little Light (Trad. KT)
    2. Coplas (Trad. KT)
    3. Reuben James (W. Guthrie)
    4. The Wagoner Lad (Trad. KT)
    5. MTA (Steiner, Hawes)
    6. Chilly Winds (Stewart, Phillips)
    7. The Shape Of Things (S. Harnick)
    8. Hard Ain't It Hard (W. Guthrie)
    9. Tom Dooley (Lomax, Warner, Lomax)
    10. Wimoweh (P. Campbell)
    11. The Merry Minuet (S. Harnick)
    12. Scotch And Soda (D. Guard)
    13. Where Have All, The Flowers Gone (P. Seeger)
    14. Saints Go Marching In (Trad. KT)
    15. Goin Away For To Leave You (Stewart, Phillips)

  • Credits
    • Produced by Steve Fiott
    • Executive Producers: Allan Shaw & Steve Fiott for Folk Era Productions Inc.
    • Digital Mastering: Northeastern Digital Recording, Toby Mountain
    • Editing: Steve Fiott, Toby Mountain
    • Graphic Design: Ron's Art Unlimited, Nashua, N.H.
    • ® © 1988, Folk Era Productions Inc.

Sleeve Notes

Lighting may not strike the same place twice, but the Kingston Trio sure did! Following Dave Guard's departure from the group, many fans feared that the Trio couldn't keep going at all, let alone continue to turn out hit records. But how wrong they were. Not only did John Stewart's mellow voice compliment the distinctive vocals of Bob Shane and Nick Reynolds, but he fit in beautifully in other respects as well. Frank Werber, the Trio's manager said, "He's extremely proficient on banjo. He's tall, young and good looking. We retained the image but brought in a fresh, new personality."

The Trio retained the ability to turn out hit records too! Within weeks after John's first public performance with the Trio, they recorded "Where Have All The Flowers Gone',' and it quickly headed toward the top of the charts. In many respects it seemed as though nothing much had changed but, in actuality, it was the change that enabled the Trio to continue.

Frank Werber put his finger on it in using the words, "fresh and new." Once again the group projected an image of freshness and vitality. Nowhere is that more evident than in this live concert recording made early in 1962. The excitement that the Kingston Trio demonstrated in live performance is again captured here. Some may be disappointed that this recording is monophonic, but as such it is historically more accurate, as the audiences always heard the Trio's live performances in mono. Listening closely, you can hear them darting into and away from the microphone for solos and grouping around it for harmonies. More importantly, the freshness and vitality of the young "Stewart Trio" is as effectively captured here at it was on the "Guard Trio's" STEREO CONCERT PLUS! album. Together, they provide the real sound and feel of both of the early Kingston Trios. Sit back and enjoy …