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Seamus Kennedy   •   Let The Music Take You Home!

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  • Let The Music Take You Home
    • 1998 - Gransha SK-008 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Introduction by Kevin Freel
    2. The Dublin Fusiliers (Trad.)
    3. Thoughts On Guinness (Comedy) (S. Kennedy)
    4. General Guinness (Trad.)
    5. Murphy & O'Brien 1 (Comedy) (S. Kennedy)
    6. A Walk In The Irish Rain (S. Spurgin)
    7. Oro! Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile (P. Pearse) & The Rights of Man (Instrumental) (Trad.)
    8. The Shearin's No' For You (Trad.)
    9. When The Boys Come Rolling Home (Tommy Sands)
    10. Kitty Bawn O'Brien (Alastair McGillivray)
    11. Murphv & O'Brien 2 (Comedy) (S. Kennedy)
    12. The Old Dun Cow (Trad.)
    13. Ae Fond Kiss (Robert Burns)
    14. Old McDonald's Deformed Farm (Jake Thorne & S. Kennedy)
    15. Fishin' For Chickens (Hobo Jim Varsos & Jeff Crossan)
    16. Emigrant Eyes (Guy Clark)
    17. The Convert (Comedy) (Trad.)
    18. William Bloat (Raymond Calvert)
    19. The Bodhran (Comedy) (S. Kennedy)
    20. The Town Of Ballybay (Tommy Makem)
    21. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle)
    22. Let The Music Take You Home (Chuck Barr)

  • Musicians
    • Seamus Kennedy: Vocals, Guitar, Bodhrán. Tenor Banjo
    • Brad Hayford: Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, 5-String Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica, Whistle
    • Alex Kuldell Side-Drum
    • Bob Spates: Fiddle
    • Mark Hillman: Uilleann Pipes
    • Mike Auldridge: Dobro
    • Dave Teeple: Bass Vocals
  • Credits
    • Recorded live at O'Friel's Irish Pub 600 Delaware Ave., Wilmington, DE by RBO Remote Recording Facilities
    • Additional tracks, mixing & editing at RBO Studios, Springfield, VA
    • Produced by Seamus Kennedy & Brad Hayford
    • Cover Photo: Leo Matkins Photography 205 Waterview Dr. New Castle, DE
    • Caricature: Gene Mater Studios, Bethlehem, PA


To Kevin Freel, proprietor of O'Friel's Irish Pub. 600 Delaware Ave. Wilmington. DE, and his wonderful staff, thanks for the opportunity to record a concert in his esteemed licensed premises, one of the friendliest Irish pubs in America.

My sincerest thanks go to the indefatigable Brad Hayford, not only for his musical skills on many instruments, but for his keen ear, engineering and editing abilities, and his tolerance of my unusual production methods. My gratitude also goes to Bob Spates, for his superb fiddle-playing; to Alex Kuldell of the Washington Scottish Pipe Band for a great bit of side-drumming; to Mark Hillman for some fine uilleann piping, to Mike Auldridge, dobroist extraordinaire; and of course, to my favorite basso profundo, Dave Teeple.

My friends Hobo Jim from Alaska, and Ed Miller from Edinburgh gave me a couple of grand songs: Fishin' For Chickens, and The Shearin's No' For You. and Chuck Barr from Hamburg. PA wrote Let The Music Take You Home; thank you gentlemen. I also owe a big Thanks to Paddy Drumm and Steve Kritzer for the arrangement of A Walk In The Irish Rain.

Richard Lion, Karen Blackall, Lourdes Saenz and the gang at Lion Recording, Springfield, VA — muchas gracias!