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Dolores Keane & John Faulkner   •   Sail Og Rua

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  • Sail Óg Rua
    • 1985 - Green Linnet SIF 3033 LP (USA)
  • TAOBH 1 (Side 1)
    1. Jimmy Mo Mhíle Stór (traid. cóiriú D. Keane, J. Faulkner)
    2. The Wee Weaver (traid. cóiriú D. Keane, J. Faulkner)
    3. Poirt: Eddie Kelly's Set (traid. cóiriú D. Keane, J. Faulkner)
    4. Moll Dubh an Ghleanna (traid. cóiriú D. Keane)
    5. Carolan's Cup (T. O Cearbhalldin, cóiriú D. Keane, J. Faulkner)
  • TAOBH 2 (Side 2)
    1. Thuas ag Gort an Chornáin (traid. cóiriú D. Keane, J. Faulkner)
    2. Green Grow the Laurels (traid. cóiriú D. Keane, J. Faulkner)
    3. Ríleanna: Galtee Ranger, Denis Murphy's, The Doon Reel (traid. cóiriú J. Daly, J. Kelly, J. Small)
    4. Sail Óg Rua (traid. cóiriú D. Keane, S. Keane)
    5. Galway Bay (F.A. Fahy, T. Small cóiriú D. Keane, J. Faulkner)

  • Musicians
    • Dolores Keane: Amhrdin, Bodhrdn (Vocals, Bodhran)
    • John Faulkner: Amhrain, Fidil, Bosucai, Giotar (Vocals, Fiddle, Bouzouki, Guitar)
    • Sarah Keane: Amhrdn (Vocals) [Side 2, Track 4]
    • Eamonn Curran: Pib Uilleann (Uilleann Pipes)
    • Jackie Daly: Bosca Ceoil (Button Accordion)
    • Seán Keane: Fliuit (Flute)
    • James Kelly: Fidil (Fiddle)
    • Máirtín O Connor: Bosca Ceoil (Button Accordion)
    • Jackie Small: Fidil (Fiddle)
    • Paul Barrett: Riomhaire Ceoil Fairlight (Fairlight CM)
    • Jack Herrick: Dord (JString Bass — track 10)

  • Credits
    • Leiriu/Production: Dolores Keane, John Faulkner
    • Taifeadadh/Recording:
    • TGS Studios, North Carolina. Soundtrack Services, Bray.
    • Greenfield Studios, Claran. Windmill Lane, Studio 2, Dublin
    • Innealtoiri Fuaime/Sound Engineers: Steve Gronback, Paul Barrett, Gerald O'Donoghue, Pearse Dunne
    • Dearadh/Design: Bluett
    • Grianghraf/Photo: Roy Esmonde, Lucy Johnston

Sleeve Notes

This album represents a drawing together of the many different strands that constitute the exceptionally fine musical fabric of Dolores Keane and John Faulkner. They are joined here by many of their close musical friends. Dolores's aunt Sarah Keane, one of the most respected solo singers in Ireland sings an unusual duet of 'Sail Og Rua' with Dolores. Jackie Daly, Máirtín O Connor, James Kelly, Jackie Small, and Eamonn Curran — all highly acclaimed musicians — give of their best on both instrumental and vocal tracks. And to these traditional sounds is added the music of Paul Barrett, playing the Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument.