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Alias Ron Kavana   •   Coming Days

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  • Coming Days
    • 1991 - Chiswick CDWIKD 94 CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. Medley: Galtee Mór/Irish Ways/Jigs - Daniel O'Connell/Saddle the Pony (Kavana, Traditional)
    2. Thoughts of Abilene (Kavana, Del Lyon)
    3. Psycho Mary's Voodoo Blues (Kavana, Whitwham)
    4. Hand Me Down (Kavana, Watkins)
    5. Connemara/Handcuffs [instrumental] (Kavana, Molloy)
  • Side Two
    1. Ain't That Peculiar/Foxhunter's Reel (Warren "Pete" Moore, Smokey Robinson, Robert Rogers, Marvin Tarplin)
    2. Pennies for Black Babies (Kavana)
    3. Johnny (Kavana)
    4. Cajun Ceili (Kavana, Watkins)
    5. Freedom Crazy (Kavana)
    6. If I Had a Rocket Launcher (Bruce Cockburn)
    7. Walk, Don't Walk (Kavana, Miller)

  • The Alias Band
    • Ron Kavana: Acoustic, Electric & Slide Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Mandola, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Drum Programming, Percussion & Lead Vocals
    • Mick Molloy: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Mandola, Percussion & Backing Vocals
    • Fran Byrne: Button Accordion & Percussion
    • Richie Robertson: Bass, Percussion & Backing Vocals
    • Les Morgan: Drums & Percussion
  • Musicians
    • Geraint Watkins: Keyboards, Grand Piano, Piano Accordion, Backing & Lead Vocals
    • Tomas Lynch: Uilleann Pipes
    • Tozie Lynch: Bones
    • Len Davies: Bones
    • Fife Toumani: Acoustic Guitar, Mbira & Kora
    • From BOILED IN LEAD:
      • Drew Miller: Dive Bomb Bass & vocals
      • Todd Menton: Tin Whistle
      • Robin "Adan" Anderson: Dourbakee
      • Joseph Docherty: Fiddle
      • Tracey Booth: Backing Vocals
    • LIVE in the studio party: Ian Whitwham, Jenny Johnson, Roger Armstrong, David Young, Tina Mawjee & Richie's dog.
  • Credits
    • Produced by Ron Kavana & David Young
    • Engineered by David Young
    • Preproduction at Fun-O-Graph by Ron Kavana
    • Postproduction at the Digital Editing Suite by Ron Kavana & David Young
      • Engineered by Duncan Cowell
    • Recorded at:
      • Elephant — Assistant engineer: Nicky Robbins
      • Watershed — Assistant engineer: John Mark
    • Mixed at Sarm East — Assistant engineer: Stephen Fitzmaurice
    • Package designed by Martin Brown at Rodeo
    • Photographs by Andrew Cleal
    • Very special thanks to Roger Armstrong who, for his honesty, integrity and humanity, stands head and shoulders above everyone else I've had to deal with in the music biz. Ron.

Sleeve Notes

Irish poets, learn your trade,
Sing whatever is well made,
Scorn the sort now growing up
All out of shape from toe to top,
Their unremembering hearts and heads
Base-born products of base beds.
Sing the peasantry, and then
Hard-riding country gentlemen,
The holiness of monks, and after
Porter-drinkers' randy laughter;
Sing the lords and ladies gay
That were beaten into the clay
Through seven heroic centuries;
Cast your mind on other days
That we in COMING DAYS may be
Still the indomitable Irishry.

        WB YEATS, 'Under Ben Bulben'