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  • Steve & Peter Jones
    • 1985 - CLOUDS CR 301 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Kilkelly, Ireland
    2. The Gallo Song
    3. What to Do
    4. 27-Year-Old Virgin
    5. Stationary Blues
    6. The Taxi Song
  • Side Two
    1. Mother's Day Song
    2. Statue of Liberty
    3. Spice Tale
    4. King George
    5. Slave Auction
    6. Clouds
    7. If Rosa Parks Can Go to Jail

  • Musicians
    • Peter Jones: Vocals, Guitar
    • Steve Jones: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Viola, Mandolin
    • Luci Murphy: Vocals on Slave Auction, Mother's Day Song and Statue of Liberty
    • Chuck Goolsby: Bongos and Maracas on Gallo and Clouds
    • Tom Gray: Bass on Gallo and 27-Year-Old Virgin
    • Liz Krebs: Cello on Slave Auction
    • Geoff Holdridge: Violin on Slave Auction
    • People's Chorus: Carolyn Burnes, Ken Giles, Carol Hausner, Edward "Lab" Gonzales, Rosa Hernandez, Luci Murphy, Klaus Pressel, Stephan Reuss, Bonnie Roberts, David Sawyer, Saul Schniderman, Doc Taliaferro on If Rosa Parks Can Go to Jail
  • Credits
    • Recorded at Bias Recording Studio, Springfield, Virginia
    • Engineered and mixed by Jim Robeson
    • Additional recording at Glasswing Recording Studio, Hyattsville, Maryland,
    • Engineering by Richard Sales
    • Jacket design by Joanne Delaplaine
    • Cover photo by Peter and Steve Jones
    • Back cover photo and photos on insert by Martha Tabor
    • Typesetting by van der Sluys graphics Inc.
    • All songs composed and copyrighted by Steve and Peter Jones
    • Except for the lyrics to Slave Auction written by F.E.W. Harper

Sleeve Notes

Kilkelly, Ireland — taken from letters written to our great-great-grandfather from his family in County Mayo.

The Gallo Song — a collection of embarrassing moments on the United Farm Workers boycott of Gallo Wine.

What to Do — about hard choices young people face when their country goes to war.

27-Year-Old Virgin — Men are often expected to have no fear and to treat love as conquest. This is a playful look at one man's experience.

Stationary Blues — about feeling powerless, and about being in a frame of mind for making change.

The Taxi Song — When Peter drove a taxi, each afternoon cab drivers pulled up to the window of the company and paid rent on the cabs. This is the story of Cab '413.

Mother's Day Song — written because Luci asked for a song to sing at a Mother's Day rally

Statue of Liberty — elaboration on the poetry of Emma Lazarus.

Spice Tale — a thyme for every seasoning …

King George — about a "mildly repressive authoritarian" regime.

Slave Auction — a poem by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, a Black abolitionist and agent on the Underground Railroad in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Clouds — Water will always rush to the sea, and people oppressed will always rise up and overcome.

If Rosa Parks Can Go to Jail — written for Penny Rosenwasser on the eve of her civil disobedience trial, in celebration of the all-American tradition of going to jail for what you believe.