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The Jolly Tinkermen   •   From Ireland - Irish Patriotic Songs

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  • From Ireland - Irish Patriotic Songs
    • 1970 - Fiesta FLPS 1540 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Lonely Wood Of Upton
    2. Three Flowers Of Erin
    3. Erin Go Bragh
    4. Twenty Men From Dublin
    5. Up The Border
    6. James Connolly
  • Side Two
    1. Boys Of Kilmichael
    2. Boys Of Barna Stada
    3. Bonfires On The Border
    4. Erins Lovely Lee
    5. No Partition
    6. Sinn Fein Amhain

  • The Jolly Tinkermen
    • Seán Dynes, Pat McDonald, Norman Hobson, Seán McCluskey
  • Credits
    • Produced in Ireland by Leslie Mann
    • Front Cover: Upper Lake, Killarney, County Kerry (Tourist Office, Dublin)

Sleeve Notes

The songs on this LP "Ourselves Alone" are all a part of recent Irish History. Many are Sinn Fein songs — Sinn Fein is Irish for Ourselves Alone hence the album title. Seán Dynes is the singer and was in good voice during the recording session accompanied by the other Tinkermen Pat McDonald, Norman Hobson and Seán McCluskey. Not so many years ago songs of this type were not sung or played openly in certain parts of Ireland especially the part I live in, 'The Wee North!' but we are all growing up, South as well as North. It has given me great pleasure hearing The Orangeman's Anthem' The Sash My Father Wore' in the folk clubs of Dublin — and more power to the folk singers isn't it better singin' than fightin'?