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The Jolly Beggarmen   •   20 or more Irish Ballads

  • 20 or more Irish Ballads
    • 1989 - Dolphin DOCS 2020 Cassette (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Inner City Song (Don Baker)
    2. Banks of the Roses (Trad. Arr. Beggarmen)
    3. The Dream (Cop.Con.)
    4. Lannigans Ball (Cop.Con.)
    5. Molly Maguires (Coulter, Martin)
    6. Rare Ould Times (P. St. John)
    7. Billy Reid (Lyon)
    8. Poking Around My Knee (Trad. Arr. Beggarmen)
    9. Chandelier Shop (Trad. Arr. Beggarmen)
    10. Streets Of New York (L Reilly)
  • Side Two
    1. Black Gold (Cop.Con.)
    2. Clare To Here (R. McTell)
    3. Tripping Up the Stairs (Trad. Arr. Beggarmen)
    4. Irish Soldier Laddie (P. McGuigan)
    5. Donegal Danny (Coulter)
    6. Rakish Paddy (Trad. Arr. Beggarmen)
    7. Nightingale (Trad. Arr. Beggarmen)
    8. Many Young Men of 20 (J.B. Keane)
    9. Only Our Rivers (M. McConnell)
    10. Beggarmen Reel (Trad. Arr. Beggarmen)
    11. On The Dole (Pat Cummins)

  • Musicians
    • Eamonn O'Rourke: Vocals, Mandala, Mandolin
    • Joe White: Vocals, Guitar
    • Tommy Jenkinson: Vocals, Mandolin
    • Paddy Quigley: Vocals, Bass

Sleeve Notes

As a musician and record producer, I am delighted to have been invited to write something here on the Jolly Beggarmen. Having worked with the boys in the studio and seen many of their live performances, I know well the high standards of which they are capable. These songs not only contain their enthusiasm and sheer love of the music but they show a dexterity of musicianship which is as delightful to behold as it is rare. I wish them continued success and invite you to join in the musical experience that is the Jolly Beggarmen.

Eamonn Campbell