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The Irish Tradition [1]   •  Irish Folk Songs In Progression

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  • Irish Folk Songs In Progression
    • 1973 - Rex RLP-790 LP
  • Side One
    1. Lark in the Morning
    2. Dark Eyed Sailor
    3. Planxty Irwin
    4. Ríl na n Drúg
    5. Spancil Hill
  • Side Two
    1. Paddy McGinties Goat
    2. Crazy Man Michael
    3. Rocky Road to Dublin
    4. Rí na Sióg (King of the Fairies)
    5. The Banks of Claudy
    6. Three Drunken Maidens

  • The Irish Tradition
    • Michael Brogan: Fyddle, Mandolyne
    • Ronan Dennedy: Thum tack Keiboards
    • Mixie Clarke: Accordian, Whystle
    • Brendan O'Connor: Kitchen Synke, Bouzouki, Guytar
  • Credits
    • Produced by Larry Chesky
    • Studios: Creative Sound
    • Notes: Wendy Manning
    • Photos: Dick Boisvert
    • Technical Advisor: William J. Dean. Jr.. M.D.
    • Coordinator: Atty. William F. Stapleton
    • Music Arrangements: The Irish Tradition
    • Cover Layout: Jean Dean

Sleeve Notes

Having appeared at the Irish Pub and Gay Nineties on Cape Cod, Massachusetts the past two summers. The Irish Tradition left an indelible mark in the hearts of all who enjoy listening to their Irish Folk Songs. Bill Dean and Bill Stapleton were no exception and it seemed only right to invite the boys to Holyoke, Massachusetts to join the St. Patrick's Parade celebrations. Plans proceeded and the boys agreed to come to Holyoke and share their love of music for charitable purposes.

In March of 1973, Dr. Dean and his wife Jean welcomed them into their home. With an awareness that many organizations are in need of support. Dr. Dean's attentions focused on the Cardinal Cushing Scholarship Fund and Sunshine Village (servicing retarded and handicapped children and adults) in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

After their stay in Holyoke, the boys returned home and diligently resumed their studies at the University of Galway: Michael Brogan — Medicine; Mixie Clarke — Biochemistry; Brendan O'Connor — Zoology, and Ronan Dennedy — Physics.

In leaving The Irish Tradition expressed sincere appreciation for the cordial hospitality shown them by Bill and Jean Dean, Bill and Lil Stapleton, Larry Chesky, St. Patrick's Parade Committee of Holyoke, Log Cabin, Gleason's Townhouse, Yankee Pedlar Inn, all in Holyoke, and the John Boyle O'Reilly Club in Springfield, Massachusetts; and also warmly thanked all who encouraged and assisted them in making this album a "mighty" endeavor.

The Irish tradition — these three words bring to mind various thoughts of busy leprechauns, the sweet sound of the Blarney, the tiny, crooked roads of Ireland, the thatched roof cottages with lights and warmth inviting you inside and always the emerald green fields. Inside a friendly pub, a lone musician or a "session" is starting with the men raising their pints of Guinness or Harp on high.


Romantic Ireland does exist. There is certain magic evident whenever an Irishman speaks, and the beauty of the countryside stays forever in your mind. Today there are approximately 20,000,000 Americans of Irish descent who help keep alive the legends and history of this very proud country — who also aid in the keeping of the Irish tradition.

Imagine a group of Galway University students, meeting one day under the famed Archway — an important part of Galway's University campus. Nearly strangers, they agree to do a few "gigs" and later arrive on our shores — bringing with them a musical experience quite new to most of us. With a freshness and warmth they progress from mere performers to talented musicians. Whether their selections be boisterous handclapping tunes, or the true traditional ballads of Ireland, they are a group capable of preserving the dignity and integrity of their country through their musical creations.

These thoughts encompass the spirit of Ireland and The Irish Tradition hope that through Progression, your love of Ireland and its people will endure forever.