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The Irish Rebels   •   The Rebel Songs Of Ireland

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  • The Rebel Songs Of Ireland
    • 1971 - Release BRL 4013 LP (IRL)
  • Side Two
    1. The Merry Ploughboy (Behan)
    2. Patriot Game (Behan)
    3. Irish Soldier Boy (S. Gaffney)
    4. Foggy Dew (Trad.)
    5. The Sea Around Us (Behan)
    6. The Dying Rebel (Trad.)
  • Side Two
    1. Kevin Barry (P.J. Ryan, Rev. Casey)
    2. Three Flowers (G. Byrne, Reddin)
    3. James Connolly (Trad. Arr. T. Ellis)
    4. Backwoods (Rith)
    5. Johnston's Motor Car (Gillespie)
    6. Twenty Men From Dublin Town (Griffith)

  • Credits
    • Produced & Arranged by Dermot O'Brien
    • Recorded at Eamonn Andrews studios, Dublin

Sleeve Notes

Every great cause has it's great songs which speak more eloquently in the words of the people directly involved than any historian of the future — these are the songs of ireland's fight for freedom!