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The Irish Minstrels   •   Fiddlers Green

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  • Fiddlers Green
    • 197? - Cheswick Records IM-SLP-01 LP
  • Tracklist
    1. Cushy Butterfield
    2. Highland Paddy
    3. Ould Johnny Bucker
    4. Lonely Woods Of Upton
    5. Farewell To Nova Scotia
    6. Fiddlers Green
  • Side Two
    1. Whiskey In The Jar
    2. Barelegged Joe
    3. Kiandra
    4. Spancil Hill
    5. Hello Mayor Daly
    6. On The One Road

  • The Irish Minstrels
    • Mike Duignan, Martin Smith & Terry Horan

Sleeve Notes

One question frequently asked in Irish clubs throughout the United States is "when are the Minstrels coming back"? This should sum up the tremendous popularity of this Chicago-based group. Mike Duignan from county Down and Martin Smith and Terry Horan from county Dublin make up a trio of brilliant conversationists, singers and musicians. It is not unusual for them to receive complete silence as Big Mike sings Kevin Barry or Four Green Fields. Their rapport with the audience is so lighthearted that oftentimes there are requests for a specific joke. Needless to say one of the boys always obliges. Perhaps though their greatest ability is to have an audience clapping and stomping within minutes of their stage appearance. On this record the boys are accompanied by Seth Brady on his fretless electric bass which gives a special touch to the song "Kiandra". The songs are of a wide variety which should please most Irish music lovers. As Don Hearn of the Washington Daily News said, "The Minstrels are a sheer delight". I think you'll agree.

Larry Lynch