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The Irish Brigade   •   Live at the Half Time Rec

  • Live at the Half Time Rec
    • 2003 - New Folk Records CD
  • Tracklist
    1. Reels: Eddie Molony's, The New Policeman, London Lasses (Trad.)
    2. Rocky Road to Dublin (Trad. Arr. P. Reilly)
    3. Carrick Fergus (Trad. Arr. F. McNamara)
    4. Jigs: Butterfly, Kesh Jig (Trad.)
    5. The Dutchman (Michael Peter Smith)
    6. On the One Road (F. O'Donovan)
    7. Ride On (J. McCarthy)
    8. Hornpipes: Rites of Mann, Boys of Blue Hill (Trad.)
    9. The Night Visit (Trad. Arr. C. Moore)
    10. Black Is the Color (Trad. Arr. H. Imlach)
    11. Whiskey You're the Devil (Trad. Arr. P. Clancy)
    12. Jig Selection (Trad.)
    13. Peggy Sue (Jerry Allison, Buddy Holly, Norman Petty)
    14. Reels: Tommy Coen's, Cregg's P. Pes (Trad.)
    15. I'll Tell Ma (Trad.)
    16. North and South (C. Moore, Bono, The Edge)
    17. Working Man (Trad.)
    18. The Big Mistake (Trad. Arr. S. Shannon)

  • The Irish Brigade
    • Mike Wallace: vocals, guitar, bass guitar, bodhran
    • Seán Conway: vocals, guitar, flute, E flute, bass guitar, tin whistle, penny whistle
  • Musicians
    • John Wright: bass guitar
    • Karie Oberg: vocals
    • Mike Ryan: dumbek