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The Irish Brigade   •   The Pair of Us

  • The Pair of Us
    • 1977 - Soda Cake 11376 LP
  • Side One
    1. Jamboree
    2. Carrigfergus
    3. Kilfenora
    4. James Connelly
    5. Greenflag
  • Side Two
    1. Old Brigade
    2. Rivers
    3. Cuanla
    4. Mermaid
    5. Glenside

  • The Irish Brigade
    • Gerry Goodwin: Bass, Mandolin, Vocals
    • Mike Wallace: Guitar, Vocals
  • Musicians
    • Jack Finan: 5 String Banjo
    • Stephen G. Wilcox: Mellotron
    • Daithi Lacha: All Other Noises
  • Credits
    • Cover Design: Gerry Goodwin
    • Engineer: Ron Lagerlof
    • Producer: Tommy Power
    • Photography: Bill McConnell
    • Recorded at Pepperhead Recording Studios, Oak Park, Illinois

Sleeve Notes

The Irish Brigade is a fine name for a fine group made up of Gerry Goodwin and Mike Wallace, both from the County of Limerick.

When visiting Ireland, after landing in Shannon, the first city to be visited is Limerick. After seeing this fine 800 year old city you will realize why these two young boys have such warm feelings for the Irish music you'll hear on this record.

Mike plays the guitar backed by Gerry on the bass. On cuts such as the "Kilfenora Jig," Gerry's nimble fingers do a fine job on the mandolin while well supported by Mike on the guitar. We must not forget the vocals. They do so well with "Carrigfergus" and "James Connelly"; just to mention a few of the cuts.

Having been in the United States for 3 years now, they have created a big demand for their services from the Atlantic shores west throughout all of the mid-western states. Their rendition of "Boys of the Old Brigade" rings in the ears of their fans long after they have moved from one city to another.

This the Irish Brigade; the music that will transport you from the bright, lights of America to the green fields of Ireland and the hospitality that has always been Ireland's heritage.

I'm sure, like many of us, you'll be hoping for another record and yet another…

Tom Hudson
Dirty Dick's Pub, Chicago