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The Irish Balladeers   •   Irish Drinking Songs

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  • Irish Drinking Songs
    • 1969 - Avoca 33-AV 165 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. The Jug Of Punch
    2. Steve O'Donnell's Wake
    3. The Holy Ground
    4. The Real Old Mountain Dew
    5. O'Reilly's Daughter (One-Eyed Reilly)
    6. Whiskey You're The Devil
  • Side Two
    1. Whiskey In The Jar (Kilgarry Mountain)
    2. Flanagan and McGaff
    3. The Little Beggerman (Me Old Rig-A-Do)
    4. Tread On The Tail Of Me Coat (Mush Mushtural-L-Addy)
    5. Pat Malone Forgot That He Was Dead
    6. The Moonshiner

  • The Irish Balladeers
    • Chuck Rogers: Vocals, Harmonica & Mandolin
    • Bob Rogers: Vocals & Guitar
    • John Rogers: Vocals & Tambourine
    • Ted Andrews: Vocals
  • Musicians
    • Eddie Lennihan: Banjo & Guitar
    • Pat Murray: Accordion

Sleeve Notes

About The Songs…
Whenever Irish people gather in an atmosphere of congenial conviviality there is sure to develop a song test. If the spirits are flowing the songs will also be sure to include those extolling the virtues or the pitfalls of drinking. In this album The Irish Balladeers present both Irish and Irish-American drinking and humorous songs popular in the pubs of Ireland and the U.S.A. All are traditional favorites with the exception of Flanagan and McGaff which is an original composition by The Balladeers.

If you are looking for a fun album, a good party record, then this recording will surely fill the bill.

The Irish Balladeers comprise the Roger brothers: Chuck, who plays mandolin and harmonica; Bob on guitar; John on tambourine - together with brother-in-law Ted Andrews and accomplished Scranton musician and folk singer Eddie Lenihan on guitar and banjo. They are pictured on the front cover with their late father Charles Rogers, Sr., gifted Irish accordion player whose love of Irish music and song was instilled in the boys from their earliest childhood and who was their inspiration and mentor in their rise to national acclaim. He accompanied them in their first Avoca album "The Molly Maguires" and appeared with them on numerous occasions.

It was a great shock to the boys when shortly after the cover picture was taken and before the taping of this album, their father after a short illness, passed away.

The boys had suffered a terrible and inconsolable personal loss. A very close friend of Avoca, John Kenny of Brooklyn, mentioned that he knew a very fine accordionist named Pat Murray, who he thought would fill in for their dad on this recording. Pat, also from a musical family, had a great knowledge of Irish music, songs and dance tunes. He is a past President of the Tom Morrison Club of Brooklyn and is (N.Y.) State Vice-President of the Traditional Irish Musicians Association.

The Balladeers and Pat got together for one days rehearsal and get-together and they hit it off exceptionally well. The result as you can see from this recording is a tribute to the musical talents of a fine Irish accordionist Pat Murray.