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Willie Hunter & Ronnie Cooper   •   Shetland and the Fiddle

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  • Shetland and the Fiddle
    • 1967 (circa) - Thule Records SNI 205 EP [7"] (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Shetland Reels
      1. Hurlock's Reel (T. Anderson)
      2. The Peter Davidson Reel (R. Cooper)
      3. Captain Peterson of Melby (F. Jamieson)
    2. Slow Air: Ian S. Robertson (T. Anderson)
  • Side Two
    1. Strathspey and Reel
      1. Forbes Morrison (J. Scott Skinner)
      2. The Hurricain (J. Scott Skinner)
    2. Irish Medley
      1. Rattigan's Reel (Reevie)
      2. Reevie's Number Nine (Reevie)
      3. Seán McGuire (B. Murray)

  • Musicians
    • Willie Hunter: Fiddle
    • Ronnie Cooper: Piano
  • Credits
    • Photo by Drew Robertson
    • Published by Thule Records of Shetland

Sleeve Notes

Willie Hunter steps out of the Hamefarers Band for a moment to record a few fiddle solos and he is accompanied at the piano by Ronnie Cooper.

Willie is not exactly a stranger to lovers of fiddle music, having previously appeared on S.T.V. and made recordings for the B.B.C. and you may also have heard him in "Folk Music of the British Isles" at the Royal Festival Hall, London.

He ranks among the best of the present generation of Shetland fiddlers, taking over from his father who was one of the greatest in his day. Incidentally, both father and son served their time as blacksmiths and they have certainly hammered out many a good tune since.

Like all "Thule" records, this one plays a good variety of music and introduces new tunes — three Shetland reels and a slow air — followed by a strathspey and reel selection composed by the great Scott Skinner and finishing with a lively Irish medley.