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The Humblebums   •   First Collection Of Merry Melodies

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  • First Collection Of Merry Melodies
    • 1969 - Transatlantic TRA 186 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Why Don't They Come Back To Dunoon (K. King, authorised parody: Connolly)
    2. My Dixie Darling (A. P. Carter)
    3. Now I Feel So Old (Connolly)
    4. Give Me A Little Of Your Time (Connolly)
    5. Salt Coats At The Fair (Connolly)
    6. Victory Rag
  • Side Two
    1. Will You Follow Me (Connolly)
    2. Little Blue Lady (Connolly)
    3. Travel Away (Connolly)
    4. Come Drink My Wine (Connolly)
    5. Cripple Creek (Trad. Arr. Connolly)
    6. Close Your Eyes (Connolly)
    7. Windy & Warm

  • Musicians
    • Bass: Ronnie Rae
  • Credits
    • Produced by Bill Leader
    • Recorded at Craighall Studios Edinburgh & Sound Technique Studios London, 1968
    • Cover Photography: Contact 46
    • Design: Brian Shuel

Sleeve Notes

When you first pick up this sleeve, your reaction will either be "At last the Humblebums' record!" or "Who the hell are the Humblebums?". No other possibility exists. To know them is to buy their record. To know them is not to waste time reading the sleeve notes. So may I address myself to you, the potential purchaser who has just muttered "Who the hell are the Humblebums?".

They are the only genuine country/folk/pop/singing/song writer duo with a fixation on the horrors of Glasgow's holiday resorts on record today. Beware of imitations. None genuine unless bearing the signature Billy Connolly and Tom Harvey.

Billy does most of the song writing and singing. When he is not parodying, he is blending American country music with pop and what is known as folk these days into a magic amalgam of sad tender songs.

Tom plays lead guitar and mandolin and draws from his instruments a running flow of glinting bronze droplets, which probably reads pretty high flown, (and indeed is) but when you've heard him you'll know what I mean.

No, there are no imitations, even if occasionally you hear slight overtones of another great Scottish duo, the Incredible String Band. When you see the Humblebums in person however there can be no confusion with that other duo, because in performance Billy Connolly, the one that looks like the Jesus Christ of Glasgow Cross, and the Acker Bilk of the Scottish west country, is an inspired clown and Tom Harvey is his perfect foil.

Bill Leader.