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The Highwaymen

The Highwaymen   •   The Highwaymen 2

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  • The Highwaymen 2
    • 1990 - Columbia CK 45240 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Silver Stallion (Lee Clayton)
    2. Born and Raised in Black and White (Don Cook, John Barlow Jarvis)
    3. Two Stories Wide (Willie Nelson)
    4. We're All in Your Corner (Bobby Emmons, Troy Seals)
    5. American Remains (Rivers Rutherford)
    6. Anthem '84 (Kris Kristofferson)
    7. Angels Love Bad Men (Waylon Jennings, Roger Murrah)
    8. Songs That Make a Difference (Johnny Cash)
    9. Living Legend (Kris Kristofferson)
    10. Texas (Wiilie Nelson)

  • Musicians
    • Gene Chrisman: Drums
    • Mike Leech: Bass
    • Reggie Young: Guitar
    • Johnny Christopher: Guitar
    • Chips Moman: Guitar
    • Shawn Lane: Guitar
    • Bobby Emmons: Keyboards
    • Bobby Wood: Keyboards
    • Mickey Raphael: Harp (Harmonica)
    • Robby Turner: Steel Guitar
  • Credits
    • Produced by Chips Moman
    • Recorded at Emerald Sound Studio, Nashville, TN, Three Alarm Recording Studio, Memphis, TN, & Pedernales Recording Studio, Speicewood, TX
    • Mixed at 3-Alarms Recording Studio, Memphis, TN
    • Engineers: Chips Moman & David Cherry
    • Assistant Engineers: David Parker, Larry Greenhill, Howard Irving, Skip McQuinn, David Edney, & Eric Paul
    • Additional Overdubs: Bobby Emmons, Chips Moman, Rivers Rutherford, Robbie Turner, Jack Powell, David Edney & Johnny Barringer
    • Mastered by Denny Purcell of Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN
    • Art Direction: Bill Johnson & Rollow Welch
    • Photography: Señior (Jim) McGuire