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Mick Hanly   •   A Kiss In The Morning Early

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  • A Kiss In The Morning Early
    • 1980 - Green Linnet SIF 3017 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Farewell Dearest Nancy (Words: Trad., Music: Hanly)
    2. Merchant's Daughter (Trad. Arr. Hanly)
    3. My Johnny Was a Shoemaker (Words: Trad., Music: Hanly)
    4. Song of Repentance (Trad, Trans. O'Connor, Arr. Hanly)
    5. Rosemary Fair (Words: Trad., Music: Hanly)
  • Side Two
    1. A Kiss In The Morning Early (Trad. Arr. & Adpt. Hanly)
    2. An tSeán Bhean Bhocht (Trad. Arr. Hanly)
    3. The Verdant Braes of Screen (Trad. Arr. Hanly)
    4. The Cod Liver Oil (Trad. Arr. Hanly)
    5. The Reluctant Pirate (Hanly)

  • Credits
    • Producer: Dónal Lunny & Mícheál Ó Domhnaill
    • Recorded at Eamonn Andrews Studios
    • Engineer Philip Begley
    • Sleeve Design: O Lochlainn Design Partnership
    • Back Photo by Irving Teitelbaum. Thanks to Grain

Sleeve Notes

All the songs on this album excepting 'The Reluctant Pirate', are taken from Colm O Lochlainn's second book 'More Irish Street Ballads' printed and published by The Three Candles Press. Dublin. The treatment of the songs might not be acceptable to all but I think this is secondary to the fact that they were meant to be sung and not left to moulder on the library shelf. A great debt is owed to Colm O Lochlainn for his work on Irish ballads and I hope this album contributes in some way. however small, towards the repayment. I'm very grateful to the editor for his permission to use the songs, and all the people who bore with me while preparing it. My thanks especially to Triona, Dónal, Mícheál, Paddy, Rick, Peter and Matt, whose talents and friendship I treasure.

Mick Hanly