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Roy Gullane   •   Not Only, But Also

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  • Not Only, But Also
    • 1990 - Pan Records PAN135 CD (NDL)
  • Tracklist
    1. Bonnie Mary
    2. Annie Ratcliffe
    3. Friendless Mary (Trad.)
    4. Today I Saw a Child Seek Charity
    5. Braw Burn the Bridges
    6. Ferry Me Out Across the Water
    7. Corncrake (Trad.)
    8. Lady With the Lamp
    9. Broch
    10. Canada Duck
    11. Bilbo

  • Musicians
    • Roy Gullane: Vocals & Guitar
    • Marius Greiner: Violin & Viola
    • Fons Sluyters: Contra Bass
    • Iain MacInnes: Scottish Small Pipes, Northumbrian Pipes, Whistles
    • Frans Wisse: Keyboards
  • Credits
    • Recorded: February - May 1990 by Jan van Rhenen
    • Produced by Roy Gullane and Jan van Rhenen for PAN and PARADOX
    • Cover Design & Photography: Frans Rombout
    • Photography Backside Booklet: Andreas Heiber
    • Digital Mastering: Audiostudio Joop Wesselius
    • Executive Producer: Bernard Kleikamp
    • All tracks written by Roy Gullane, unless otherwise noted.
    • All titles © 1990 Parallax NL

Sleeve Notes

The cities of ancient Greece were built in such a way that all the gates opened onto roads which led to the market place, the living heart of the city. So is it with music. What matter which gate you take so long as you reach the heart. My friend Bert Meijer said that, and this is a collection of songs which I have written or collected over the years which have taken me through different "gates". These songs have been influenced, and inspired, by a variety of people and events, from my grandparents with their "auld Scots tongue" to the contemporary singer songwriters on both sides of the Atlantic, from my childhood memories to modern day situations. Hopefully they'll make it to the "city centre". I would like to thank Bernard for making this possible. Jan for the sounds, Akke for meals that defy superlatives, Harmke, my wife, for the patience, love and understanding, the city of Groningen for adopting me and, finally, four of the finest musicians I have ever worked with, thank you all for your wonderful skills.

Roy Gullane