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Brendan Grace   •   His Grace … At Liberty

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  • His Grace … At Liberty
    • 1974 - Solo SOLO 7008 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Raggle Taggle Gypsy (Trad. Arr. Ellis, Tate)
    2. Mary From Dungloe (O'Lochlainn)
    3. The Ould Dun Con (McCluskey)
    4. Mrs. Kelly's Sweetshop (Smith)
    5. Vincent (McLean)
    6. Paddy The Peddlar (Sharkey, Cahill)
  • Side Two
    1. Biddy Mulligan (Kavanagh)
    2. Red Haired Mary (McCarthy Irish & Evergreen)
    3. Curragh Of Kildare (Trad. Arr. Ellis, Tate)
    4. Empty People Staring (Grace, Crane)
    5. Darcie Farrow (J. Prlne)
    6. Liberty Boy (Nevin, Ellis)
    7. A Day at The Zoo (B. Grace)

  • Credits
    • Production & Arrangements by T. Ellis, J. Tate & B. Grace
    • Sleeve Design: Diana O'Donnell

Sleeve Notes

Allow me to take the Liberty of re-introducing you to his Grace, Brendan, an oul' flame of mine who used me to make a name for himself and then left me where he found me — a few hundred yards from O'Connell's Bridge in the fair city of Dublin.

I'm Cushy Butterfield (as if you didn't know) and even if I say so meself, I took that hairy big git from the Liberties and made a man of him. From the where did ya say? Ah you must be up on a one way ticket, sure the Liberties is the heart of Dublin oul' stock. Y'know they way they say you have to be born within the sound of Bow Bells to be a cockney — well you have to be reared within spittin' distance of the Liberties to be a Dubliner, a Jackeen as the culchies call us.

Well, that's where the hairy fella, Brendan Grace was brought up — only he was dragged up! He even had the nerve to record a song about it, 'Liberty Boy' indeed. But let him not forget me, his oul' faithful, 'Cushy'.

He's come a long way since then you know. Bought himself a couple of fancy shirts in the Dandelion Market and went on the stage with that Yankee fella with the sunglasses, Roy Orbison, and a crowd from across the wather, The New Seekers … but thanks to me he put them all in the ha'penny place.

O a big star now is our Brendan Grace. Touring America and takin' out the posh mots from Rathmines and Rathgar — but let him not forget the Queen of the Liberties. I could tell you things about that lad that would make your hair stand on end. He's a scream y'know — he had me in fits the first time I saw him in his swimming togs out at the Forty Foot. You've heard of an hour-glass figure … his is more like a pint-glass. He hasn't seen his feet since they measured him for the Confirmation suit (y'all know about that!).

Still'n'all I love him, Brendan Grace me oul' flower, your blood's worth bottlin'. May this record be as big as your belly — even though you wouldn't let me on it (the record I mean).

From your oul' faithful,
Cushy Butterfield

Also available, Brendan's other great L.P. 'Grace … before and after'.
P.S. I forgot to mention Tommy Ellis, who produces Brendan's records, he deserves a lot of credit (and he gets it in every Dublin boozer!).