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Dick Gaughan   •   A Different Kind Of Love Song

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  • A Different Kind Of Love Song
    • 1984 - Advent 3604 LP LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. A Different Kind of Love Song (Dick Gaughan)
    2. Revolution (Joseph Bovshover, Dick Gaughan)
    3. Prisoner 562 (Iain Mackintosh, Oswald Andrae) & Song of Choice (Peggy Seeger)
    4. The Father's Song (Ewan MacColl)
  • Side Two
    1. Think Again (Dick Gaughan)
    2. As I Walked on The Road (Jim Brown)
    3. Stand Up for Judas (Leon Rosselson)
    4. By the People (Dick Gaughan)
    5. Games People Play (Joe South)

  • Musicians
    • Dick Gaughan: Vocal, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
    • Dave Pegg: Bass
    • Dave Tulloch: Percussion
    • Will Lindfors: Drums, Percussion
    • Bob Lenox: Keyboards
    • Judy Sweeney: Vocal
    • Alan Tall: Saxophones
  • Credits
    • Produced by Dick Gaughan and Carsten Linde
    • Recorded June 1983 at Tonstudio St. Blasien Northeim, West Germany
    • Engineered by Gunther Pauler
    • Very special thanks to Martin Jeremias for all his help
    • Track: 2 recorded by Robin Morton at Temple Sound Studio Produced by Dick Gaughan
    • Front Cover created by Gertrude Degenhardt
    • Back Cover Photo by Ian A. Anderson