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Ted Furey & Brendan Byrne   •   Toss the Feathers

  • Toss the Feathers
    • 1973 - Outlet SOLP 1020 LP
  • Side One
    1. Toss the Feathers, Killian's — Reels
    2. Saddle the pony, The Blackthorn Stick — Jigs
    3. Top Room Reel, Swallow's Tail
    4. Black Rogue, Donnybrook — Jigs
    5. Liverpool Hornpipe & Boys of Blue Hill
    6. Cliffs of Mohar, The Old Geese in the Bog
  • Side Two
    1. The Frost is all over — Jig
    2. An Coolin — Slow Air
    3. Munster Buttermilk & Bridge of Athlone — Jigs
    4. Miss McCIeod's — Reel
    5. Sleepy Maggie — Reel
    6. Bunch of Keys — Reel

  • Musicians
    • Ted Furey: Fiddle
    • Brendan Byrne: Bodhrán (Except Track: 11)
    • Den Warrick: Guitar (Track: 8)
  • Credits
    • Producer: Billy McBurney
    • Engineer: Cel Fay
    • Recorded at Irish International Studios, Belfast
    • All tracks: Arr. F. Gilligan
  • Notes
    • Information on this release comes from outside sources.

Sleeve Notes

TED FUREY Musician is the father of the now famous sons Eddie and Finbarr and is it any wonder they are famous? They learned most of their music from him. TED FUREY has played with some of the Best traditional fiddlers including SEÁN McGUIRE during one of his many visits to Belfast en route to the Edinburgh folk festival. This recording was made in 1967 but by mishap the tape was lost and was only discovered as the result of a bomb explosion in 1972. During salvage a box of master tapes was found and this was one of them so it gave us here at OUTLET Records the greatest pleasure to present this memorial Record to you of this fine gentleman and outstanding Irish Traditional Musician — TED FUREY.

BRENDAN BYRNE is another fine traditional Musician, as well as playing the Bordhon he play's the mouth organ and you could walk into the famous Folk Pub O'Donaghue's in Marrion Row Dublin and find him with a large group of Traditional Musician's having what is known as a session.

DEN WARRICK on Guitar accompanies one track AN COOLIN. He is a great artist in his own right and has played and recorded with the Best.