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Foster & Allen   •   Bunch Of Thyme (1982)

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  • Bunch Of Thyme
    • 1982 - Ritz RITZLP 0003 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Bunch Of Thyme (Trad. Arr. Foster & Allen)
    2. The Fiddler (Trad. Arr. Foster & Allen)
    3. Come Back Paddy Reilly (Percy French)
    4. Drink Up the Cider (Trad. Arr. Foster & Allen)
    5. The Green Willow (P. Farrell)
    6. Living Here in London ()
  • Side Two
    1. The Blacksmith (Trad. Arr. Foster & Allen)
    2. Alice Benbolt (Trad. Arr. Foster & Allen)
    3. Benbulben Of Sligo (P. Farrell)
    4. Selection Of Reels (Trad. Arr. Foster & Allen)
    5. Nancy Miles (Kevin Sheerin)
    6. Courtin In the Kitchen (Trad. Arr. Foster & Allen)

  • Musicians
    • Mick Foster & Tony Allen
  • Credits
    • Recorded at Lombard Sound Studios, Dublin
    • Produced & Arranged: Liam Hurley
    • Engineer: Bill Somerville Large

Mick Foster and Tony Allen hail from the Midlands of Ireland, an area steeped in Traditional Irish music and home to some of the country's finest musicians. FOSTER AND ALLEN have been together as a duo for over four years now and during that time they have moved to the forefront of the trad scene, most significantly with their chart topping single "A BUNCH OF THYME". This album offers the listener a fine introduction to the varied talents of FOSTER AND ALLEN both vocally and instrumentally.