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Cilla Fisher   •   Songs Of The Fishing

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  • Songs Of The Fishing
    • 1983 - Kettle KOP-11 LP
  • Side One
    1. Fisherman's Wife (The East Neuk o' Fife)
    2. Whaur will we gang
    3. Tatties and Herrin' (Da Brig)
    4. Eyemouth Disaster
    5. Shetland Tunes
    6. Hushaba Ma Bairnie
    7. The Prosperity (The Sailor's Hornpipe)
  • Side Two
    1. The Boatie Rows
    2. The Isle of May
    3. Dreg Song (The Keel Row)
    4. Fisher Row
    5. Dance Tae Yer Daddie (The Fisherman's Wife Finnan Haddies)
    6. Caller Herrin'
    7. Final Trawl

  • Musicians
    • Cilla Fisher: Vocals
    • Rod Paterson: Guitar, Mandola
    • Jack Evans: Guitar, Mandoline
    • Norman Chalmers: Concertina Whistle
    • Jim Sutherland: Cittern
    • Carol Jamieson: Piano
    • Archie Fisher: Guitar (Track: 6)
    • Duncan MacGillivray: Harmonica
    • Alan Reid: Synthesiser
    • Derek Hoy: Fiddle
    • Davie Tulloch: Shetland Fiddle
    • Neil Hay: Bass
  • Credits
    • Recorded by Robin Morton at Temple
    • Produced by Artie Trezise
    • Photograph Copyright: Scottish Tourist Board
    • Front sleeve Two Up, Edinburgh
    • Sleeve printed by Senol Printing

Sleeve Notes

CILLA FISHER has assembled a great collection of traditional and contemporary songs which mirror the aspirations and fears of Scots Fisherfolk through recent times. Together with a splendid variety of tunes drawn from the fishing community this album is both informative and entertaining.

Although this is Cilia's first solo recording she has recorded five albums with her husband Artie Trezise (who produced this record). As the youngest of the Fisher family of folksingers she made her first broadcast at the age of nine and sang on their family record when she was twelve. In recent years she has appeared in festivals, clubs and concerts in over fifteen different countries and represented the B.B.C. at the European Broadcasting Union Festival.

Use all your senses to enjoy Scotland's Fishing Heritage Trail

See the bright colours of boats jostling one another in a crowded harbour … cottages perched on a cliff-top or clustered beside a river mouth … friendly faces welcoming you …

Hear the call of sea birds … huge waves crashing against a breakwater … tiny wavelets whispering over shingle …

Smell the fresh tang of the fishmarket … tar and wood and rope and weed …

Feel warm stone as you bask on a harbour wall … the slippery skin of the mackerel you've just pulled in on your line …

Taste fish dishes … look for the Taste of Scotland hotels and restaurants … buy sea-fresh fish from the local fish shop … be adventurous and cook fish with names you've never heard … try recipes you've never tasted.

Thanks for help in compiling this album goes to Archie Fisher. Hamish Henderson. Peter Hall. Tom Spiers. Davie Tulloch, Tom Anderson. Alistair McDonald. Anstruther and Eyemouth Fisheries Museums