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Evans & Doherty   •   Live At The Lunenburg Folk Festival

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  • Live At The Lunenburg Folk Festival
    • 2000 - EVANDOH 1001 CD (CAN)
  • Tracklist
    1. The Garden Song (D. Mallet)
    2. Take Her In Your Arms (A.M. Stewart)
    3. There Were Roses (T. Sands)
    4. Silver Sea (K. Evans/S. Wainwright)
    5. Hamlet (A. McNaughton)
    6. The Highwaymaid (K. Evans)
    7. Tienanmen Square (R. Shaw)
    8. Waltzing With Bears (D. Marxen)
    9. Nova Scotia, Nature's Song (B. Quinn)

  • Credits
    • © Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
    • Producer: Markandrew Cardiff
    • Recording Engineer: Karl Falkenham
    • Assistant Recording Engineer: Pat Martin
    • Remastered by Kevin Evans and Donnie Chapman at DC Productions
    • Recorded at the 1989 Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival
    • Special thanks to Bob Quinn for permission to include Nova Scotia, Nature's Song and to the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival Committee for the invitation and warm hospitality.
    • It should be pointed out that the origin of the ghostly banjo sound on There Were Roses is still a mystery.