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Evans & Doherty   •   Sailors On The Asphalt Sea

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  • Sailors On The Asphalt Sea
    • 1994 - EVANDOH 1003 CD (CAN)
  • Tracklist
    1. The Second Week of Deer Camp (Da Yoopers)
    2. Acadian Saturday Night (Stan Rogers)
    3. Sailin' Around (John Prine)
    4. My Baby and My D-18 (Kevin Evans)
    5. Hi for the Beggerman (Trad. Arr. Evans & Doherty)
    6. Galway to Graceland (Richard Thompson)
    7. Brennan on the Moor (Trad. Arr. Evans & Doherty)
    8. Oh, No More (Kevin Evans)
    9. Winds of Morning (Tommy Makem)
    10. The Chemical Workers Song (Ron Angel)
    11. Whiskey in the Jar (Trad. Arr. Evans & Doherty)
    12. The Man with The Cap (Colum Sands)
    13. The Galway Races (Trad. Arr. Evans & Doherty)

  • Musicians
  • Credits
    • Recorded at Back Room Sessions, Halifax, N.S.
    • Mixed at Sound Market Studios, Halifax, N.S.
    • Vocal recording and mixing engineer: Terry Pulliam
    • Cover photo: Joanie Trainor
    • Back photo: John Powell, aboard The Irish Mist
    • Graphic Design: Dereck Day/GDA
    • Special thanks to:
      • Jim O'Carroll and the staff at O'Carroll's.
      • Moosehead Breweries.
      • Scott and Cam at Cows of P.E.I. - "Mark, we'll miss you".
      • Harland Suttis and Chris Griffiths who keep our guitars in working order.
      • The folks at Godin, Deering, Ovation, Taylor and Martin who keep us in guitars.
      • Joe at Canadian Airlines.
      • AND Cheryl, Brendan, Joanie, Caleigh and Stan for putting up with the "aul' fellas" while they make music.

Sleeve Notes

The Second Week of Deer Camp — Any similarity to persons living is purely coincidental and probably fairly accurate.

Acadian Saturday Night — Well, you have to do something with those fishing boats.

Sailin' Around — Coming home the long way around.

My Baby and My D-18 — The musicians Holy Grail: a loving wife and a guitar that works.

Hi for Beggarman — One of many stories where the prince plays the pauper.

Galway to Graceland — Love does strange things to people. In the department of bizarre love songs this one may just "take the biscuit", or in North America "take the cake".

Brennan on the Moor — A defiant Robin Hood-like character whose spirit lives on in spite of the hangman's noose.

Oh, No More — Losing a job is hard, losing a way of life is devastating. All that's left of the Newfoundland fishing industry are the great songs and fond memories.

Winds of Morning — Our journeys take us to many wonderful places but we never really leave home.

The Chemical Workers Song — Written by a man who at the age of forty-one found out that the average life span of a chemical worker was forty-two. He quit his job at the Billingham Chemical Plant in England.

Whiskey in the Jar — Highwaymen, drink, deceit and a great sing-along.

The Man with The Cap — An individual whom everyone knew by name, yet someone whose life in general was a mystery to everyone.

The Galway Races — A word picture of the sights and sounds at this mid- August celebration.