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Emmet Spiceland   •   The Emmet Spiceland Album

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  • The Emmet Spiceland Album
    • 1977 - Hawk HALP 166 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Reynard The Fox
    2. My Lagan Love
    3. Stór, Stór A Ghrá
    4. Lover's Ghost
    5. A Couple O'Jigs
    6. Bunclody
  • Side Two
    1. Mary From Dungloe
    2. Autumn Has Come (Shay Healy)
    3. Pretty Susan
    4. Slieve Gallion Braes
    5. O'Carolan's Concerto
    6. The Curragh Of Kildare

  • Credits
    • All tracks trad. arr by Brian Byrne, Mick Byrne & Dónal Lunny, unless otherwise noted.
    • Produced by Bill Martin & Phil Coulter for Different Class Productions
    • The spoken song intorductions were cut on this reissue.

Sleeve Notes

The Folk boom in Ireland began in the early 1960's. Starting in the Folk Clubs, it spread to the pubs and finally wound up in respectability on the concert stage.

One of the" groups that gave folk music a 'showbizzy' image, without losing anything in musical quality, was an amalgam of two of the most successful groups of the Club era, The Emmet Folk and Spiceland. The Emmet Folk were Dónal Lunny, Brian Bolger and Mick Molony. Spiceland were Brian and Mick Byrne, born in England to an Irish father, Tommy Byrne, who was once part of the Four Ramblers with Val Doonican.

What the Emmet Folk offered in gritty musical terms, was matched by the sweetness of Spiceland and so The Emmet Spiceland were united as a four piece group, with Dónal Lunny, Brian Bolger, Brian Byrne and Mick Byrne.

Like a beautiful butterfly, the Emmet Spiceland seemed to dance in a ray of permanent sunshine. Brian Bolger eventually left, but as a trio the group were causing young ladies to scream and young gentlemen to sit up and take notice of the music. It was a whole new era in Irish Folk.

Today Dónal Lunny is the leader of the Bothy Band, via Planxty. His musical influence runs right through most of the good new Irish traditional groups.

Brian Byrne is directing 'Jacques Brel is Alive and Well'… in London, having sung in Jesus Christ Superstar and on the million selling album 'Evita'.

Mick Byrne is still a troubadour. The last we heard of him he was somewhere in Germany, still singing and playing.

In their butterfly existence, The Emmet Spiceland made only one album. This is the album that captured the youthful sparkle and enthusiasm of a group that was unique in its time.