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Éire Óg   •   Live At The Brazen Head

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  • Live At The Brazen Head
    • 1997 - no label CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. Merry Ploughboy, Auf Wiedersehen to Crossmaglen & Tiocfaidh ár lá
    2. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    3. Pearse Jordan
    4. Tom Williams
    5. Let The People Sing, Take It Down From The Mast & This Land Is Your Land
    6. Bring Them Home
    7. Boys Of The Old Brigade & Crumlin Road Jail
    8. Joe McDonnell
    9. Seán South, Roll Of Honour & Go On Home British Soldiers
    10. S.A.M. Song
    11. Anthem

  • Credits
    • Gary: Lead Vocals, Guitar
    • Paddy: Drums, Whistles, Vocals
    • Cohn: Lead Guitar, Whistles, Vocals
    • Sinki: Bass Guitar, Vocals
    • Geo: Humphing

Sleeve Notes

Well here it is folks, at last Éire Óg are able to present to you their first offering, "Live at the Brazen Head." The CD was recorded in late 1996 with over 200 people present on that evening to witness the fact that no alterations or overdubs were done (we couldn't possibly have made that many mistakes if there were any).

Éire Óg have been resident band in the "Brazen Head" since before they outgrew their short trousers, so it seemed an appropriate venue in which to launch themselves into the Global Marketplace.

The band have now been on the road for almost two years now, toning their talents, greasing their gullets, widening their waistlines and rehearsing frantically when they can find a moment in their hectic schedule, which has recently included several trips to Ireland and England (the highlight of which was undoubtedly the riotous weekend in Warrenpoint. Thanks lads).

Well folks that's enough lies about how good the band are and how hard they work (Ha, Ha), but seriously, we do hope you enjoy the CD, which consists of many old favourites and some lesser known songs. Spread the word, keep up the fight and keep alive the Spirit of Freedom. Tiocfaidh Ár Lá Éire Óg

Éire Óg would like to say a big thank you to Franco and all the staff, past and present, of the "Brazen Head", Gorbals for everything, the "Celtic Tavern", Croy for their help, "Bairds Bar" and the "Squirrel" for the start we probably didn't deserve, John, Maureen and Paul at "The Albert Bar", all of whom helped turn our livers as green as our hearts.

Thanks to Stevie and Mackie and all the boys from the Shebeen (Belfast), Ronan and the boys (down Warrenpoint — what a riot!), the boys from the "Baggot Inn" (Dublin) and "Jim the Spark" (Monaghan), and Peter and Phil from London.

Éire Óg would also like to thank the following without whom we'd be far better off: Chubb, Booboo, Wahoo, Eddie, Billy, Big Higgy, Wee Higgy, "McNees" for the one off, Stevie, Ricki (CC Music), Sophie (welcome), Tricia, Sharon, Tam & Peter (S.W.S.G.), Tal, Funky Rabbit and all the bands on the circuit (you know who you are!).

Extra special thanks to:

"The Blarney Pilgrims" for helping us out in a tight situation one Sunday (cheers).

Big Gian for giving us the kick up the arse. We needed to finish the CD and for providing the band with much needed solace on Sunday evenings in the dark realms of Mount Florida.

The Jordans for putting up with us on our numerous visits to Belfast (thank you).

Geo the Roadie for the help, slaggings and general labour (Ha, Ha).

Seán "Eric" McAuley who's acts of kindness and charity are far too numerous to mention. His goodwill knows no bounds.

Finally to everyone who has supported us over the past couple of years — thanks, and those who slagged us off — well you know how we feel about you.