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Malachy Doris & His Band and Tom Turkington   •   Irish Hornpipes

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  • Irish Hornpipes
    • 1962 - Fontana 465 223 TE [7"]
  • Side One
    1. Belfast, Dunphys & Off To California — Malachy Doris and his Band
    2. Murphy's Hornpipe & Tudor Laddie — Tom Turkington
  • Side Two
    1. Boys of Bluehill, The Kingston & Harvest Home — Malachy Doris and his Band
    2. Irish Waltz: Slieve Gallon Braes; Rose of Mooncoin & Lived Beside the Anner — Malachy Doris (solo)

  • Musicians
    • Malachy Doris & His Band
    • Tom Turkington: Fiddle
  • Credits
    • All Track: Trad. Arr. J. Moreland
    • Colour Photograph by courtesy of Michael Bingham

Sleeve Notes

Malachy Doris the leader of one of Ireland's most popular bands playing Irish dance music. Malachy plays the accordion himself, and is often heard on BBC and Radio Eireann programmes as a solo performer. He is also almost a next door neighbour of Fontana's popular Irish singer Eileen Donaghy, and they have appeared at many dances and shows together.

There are still a great number of traditional Irish fiddle players in the country, but few are as well-known or as popular as Tom Turkington. Tom has been a regular broadcaster for the past sixteen years on Irish radio shows, and is an authority on Irish traditional music. He adjudicates at Flead Ceoils (Music Festivals) up and down the country and has played a great part in keeping Irish music alive.