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Tony Cummins   •   Cummins & Goins

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  • Cummins & Goins
    • 1999 - no label CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Thousands Are Sailing (Phil Chevron)
    2. The D.T.'s (Christy Moore)
    3. The Irish Rover (Traditional)
    4. The Green Fields of France (Eric Bogle)
    5. Lannigan's Ball (Traditional)
    6. Patricia The Stripper (Chris DeBurgh)
    7. Drunken Sailor (Traditional)
    8. Isle of Hope (Brendan Graham)
    9. Dirty Old Town (Ewan McColl)
    10. Eucalyptus Tree (Tony Cummins)
    11. The Old Triangle (Brendan Behan)

  • Musicians
    • Tony Cummins: Vocals, Guitar
    • Brian Baynes: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, Bass, Bodhrán, Bones, Bouzouki, Keyboards, Mandolin, Percussion, Backing & Harmony Vocals
    • Cat Espinoza: Harp, Harmony Vocals
    • Dick Braun: Sax
    • Kit Healy: Banjo, Backing Vocals
    • Loren Smith: Acoustic Bass
    • Phoenix Arizona: Backing Vocals
    • Richard Tibbitts: Whistles, Flute
    • Seamus King: Bass, Backing Vocals
    • Wanda Law: Viola
  • Credits
    • Produced, mixed & edited by Brian Baynes
    • Co-produced by Tony Cummins
    • All live tracks recorded at "The Dubliner Irish Pub," Phoenix, Arizona
    • Recorded & engineered by Dennis Putscher
    • Track: 1 — recorded & engineered by Brian Baynes at Brian Baynes Studio, San Diego, California
      • also by Dennis Putscher at "Creative Noise" studios, Phoenix, Arizona
    • Tracks: 8 & 9 — recorded at Brian Baynes Studios
    • All additions to live tracks were recorded at Brian Baynes Studio, San Diego, California
    • Mastered by Doug Gent at Media Productions, West Virginia
    • Artwork by Laurence O'Toole, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
      • Thanks for the brilliant work Lar
    • Graphic Design by Greg Raymond at Good Vibrations — RJR Digital, Bonita CA
    • A special thanks to the owners, staff and audience at "The Dubliner Irish Pub." A big thanks to Dan Downing, Bill Craig and Dennis Putscher for getting the ball rolling and to the "zonie roadie," Calum MacIntyre. Thanks again to all the fine musicians who played on this album and especially to Brian Baynes and Dennis Putscher for their professionalism
      • Brian, your time and effort on this project is very much appreciated. Thanks pal
      • To my wife, Debbie, thanks for your patience, love and support