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Celtic Thunder   •   Hard New York Days

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  • Hard New York Days
    • 1995 - Rego R-3035 (Kells Music 3035) CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Reels: The Inheritance, Micheál the Magnificent (T. Winch)
    2. Saints [Hard New York Days] (T. Winch)
    3. Barn Dances: Charlie Piggott's (Trad.), Michael Denney's Broken Foot (T. Winch)
    4. After the Rain (T. Winch)
    5. Breton Dance Tunes: An Dros from the area around Vannes, Bretagne (Trad.)
    6. The Crow on the Cradle (Carter)
    7. Polkas: Trip to Loughrea, Black Silk Slip & Jerry Tarrant's (all by T. Winch)
    8. Let the Rest of the World Go By (Brennan and Ball), Javaluna (R. Wick)
    9. Reels: Crown Peak (L. Hickman) & Eddie Tighe's Reel (F. Claudy)
    10. Moonlight Cruise (T. Winch)
    11. Waltz of Kilimanjaro (R. Wick) 3:17
    12. In Praise of the City of Baltimore (T. Winch)
    13. Set Dance: Planxty Drury (choreography by R. Wick)
    14. Three Moon Travel (R. Wick, T. Winch)
    15. Slip Jig: Foxhunter's (Trad.), Bodhran solo: Chris Cahill's (J.Winch)

  • Musicians
    • Linda Hickman: Flute, Tin Whistle, Vocal ("Let the Rest of the World Go By")
    • Laura Murphy: Vocals
    • Regan Wick: Piano, Digital Keyboard, Step-Dancing
    • Jesse Winch: Bodhran, Ceili Drums, Frame Drum, Dumbek, Guitar, Bouzouki
    • Terry Winch: Button Accordion, Vocal ("In Praise of the City of Baltimore")
  • Credits
    • Dave Abe: Fiddle
    • Ralph Gordon: Cello ("Three Moon Travel")
  • Credits
    • Produced by Bruce Talbot & Celtic Thunder
    • Recorded & mixed at Bias Studios, Springfield, VA
    • Bill McElroy, engineer, with help from Jim Robeson
    • Digital mastering by David Glasser & Lea Anne Sonenstein, Airshow, Springfield, VA
    • Art direction & design by Susan Campbell
    • Band photograph by Neil Greentree
    • Cover photograph (Loew's Paradise Theatre, Bronx, NY ,1994) by Jason Green
    • Digital image processing & manipulation by Christopher Joseph Jarlath Brannigan

Sleeve Notes

Since 1977 Celtic Thunder has been delighting listeners with wonderful songs and tunes — including some of the best original material in Irish music today. Started by Linda Hickman and Jesse and Terry Winch (two brothers from New York whose parents came over from Ireland in the 1920's) the band also features singer Laura Murphy and champion stepdancer Regan Wick.

After the group had a smash hit on both sides of the Atlantic with "When New York Was Irish" (composed by Terry Winch), the band's distinct music became known to a much wider audience. With Hard New York Days, lovers of traditional Irish music get to hear further evidence of why The Washington Post called Celtic Thunder "one of the best Irish folk acts in America."

Thanks to Dave Abe for his work on fiddle, Frank Cloudy for Eddie Tighe's Reel, Charlie Piggott for the barn dances, and Desi Wilkinson for the Breton tunes.

Thanks also to Braxton Baldridge, Susan Campbell, Ed Casey, Patrick J. Clancy, Halim El-Dabh, Ralph Gordon, Amity Hall, Katherine Lambert, Francesca Lee, Paddy Noonan, Louis Ramirez-Fitzgerald, Peg and Fred Wick, and to the Howard County Poetry & Literature Society for their longtime support.