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Ian Campbell   •   And Another Thing

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  • And Another Thing
    • 1993 - Celtic Music CM CD 070 CD
  • Tracklist
    1. Odour Of Success
    2. Assegai
    3. Them And Us
    4. Failure
    5. Man's World
    6. All Aboard
    7. Gallery
    8. Good Morning Blue
    9. The Man Who Played The Pipes
    10. Its Over Now
    11. Street Song

  • Musicians
    • Ian Campbell: Vocals
    • Lorna Campbell: Vocals
    • David Campbell: Vocals
    • Duncan Campbell: Vocals
    • Robin Campbell: Backing Vocals
    • Neil Cox: Guitar, Backing Vocals
    • Aiden Forde: Fiddle, Guitar, Backing Vocals
    • Angus Clark: Bass Guitar
    • Mick Bisiker: Piano, Guitar
    • Ted Bunting: Saxophone
    • Robin Campbell: Synthesiser
  • Credits
    • Kevin Thomas: Photography
    • All tracks written by Ian Campbell

Sleeve Notes

Just a few songs from those I have written over the past dozen years during semi-retirement from the music scene, in the hope that someone might want to record them. Dick Gaughan heard them and liked them. "Record them yourself, man" he said. "Who's going to do them better than you?" Thanks, Dick.

I was going to call the record "P.S. Ian Campbell". But on finding myself redundant from my local government arts job I decided that I could not afford to be so terminal. I did not want to relaunch myself as a singer but I did want to launch the songs, so I decided on this family project format. It has been fun.

Sister Lorna's presence was inevitable, but welcome to nephew Angus, sons David, Robin, Duncan (and Ally, now working on a cover version). Thank you to all the musicians, in particular long-time associates Aiden Forde and Neil 'one-take' Cox, whose distinctive musicianship illuminates the whole record.