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The Broadsiders   •   The Broadsiders

  • The Broadsiders
    • 1970 - Marble MAL 1344 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Bottle of Wine (Tom Paxton)
    2. Sally O (Tommy Makem)
    3. Lady Mary (Trad. Arr. Broadsiders)
    4. Lowlands of Holland (Trad. Arr. Broadsiders)
    5. He Was a Quare One (Trad. Arr. Broadsiders)
  • Side Two
    1. Did He Mention My Name (Gordon Lightfoot)
    2. Rocks of Bawn (Trad. Arr. Broadsiders)
    3. Shores of Amerikay (Trad. Adapt. McEvoy)
    4. Lord Lovell (Trad. Arr. Broadsiders)
    5. Medley (Trad. Arr. Broadsiders)
      1. The Sash
      2. Courtin' In the Kitchen
      3. Dicey Riley
      4. Bog Down in The Valley-O
      5. One Eyed Riley

  • Musicians
    • Deirdre Downes: Vocals & Mandolin
    • Johnny Way: Banjo
    • Joe Giltrap: Vocals & Guitar
    • Dermot (?): Vocals & Guitar
  • Credits
    • Cover Picture: Roy Esmonde
    • Sleeve Design: Paddy Burns

Sleeve Notes

The Broadsiders came to prominence at the height of the Irish ballad boom with their hit recording "Shores of Amerikay". They featured the sweet voice of Deirdre Downes, a voice that is somehow uniquely Irish. Banjo player Johnny and guitarist Joe and Dermot complete the outfit. They have made niche of their own on the Irish scene and with regular visits to centres in Britain have become friends with people in many places. This album includes many favourites which time and again have been requested by the thousands who have enjoyed their music along the way.