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Willie Brady   •   If You're Irish! Songs by Willie Brady

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  • If You're Irish! Songs by Willie Brady
    • 1966 - Avoca 33-AV-151 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
    2. Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly
    3. Little Town in The Old Co. Down
    4. Nora O'Neill
    5. The Hat My Father Wore Upon St. Patrick S Day
    6. That's How I Spell Ireland
  • Side Two
    1. There's A Typical Tipperary Over Here
    2. That Tumble Down Shack in Athlone
    3. If You're Irish Come into The Parlor
    4. That Old Irish Mother of Mine
    5. It's A Long Way to Tipperary
    6. 'twas Only an Irishman S Dream

  • Credits
    • Recorded in Ireland
    • Orchestra & Chorus Directed By Pat King
    • Arrangements: Pat King
    • Cover Scene: Holycross Abbey, Co. Tipperary — Courtesy of Irish Tourist Office