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The Blarney Folk   •   In The Sound Of Ireland

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  • In The Sound Of Ireland
    • 1969 - London SW-99489 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Hills Of Connemara
    2. All For Me Grog
    3. Come All Ye Dry Land Sailors
    4. Kitty Come Down From Limerick
    5. Will Ye Come To The Bower
    6. The Masons Apron
    7. Rattlin' Bog
    8. Goodbye Mick
  • Side Two
    1. Waxie's Dargle
    2. Hi For The Beggarman
    3. The Banks Of The Roses
    4. Jig Selections
    5. Come Blow Ye Winds
    6. The Dingle Regatta
    7. Reel Selection The
    8. British Army

  • The Blarney Folk
    • Brian O'Brien: Guitar, Vocals
    • Mike O'Brien: Bass, Vocals
    • Eugene Byrne: Banjo, Vocals
  • Credits
    • All titles composed by Merv Allen
    • All titles published by Prancer Music

Sleeve Notes

Today it is undoubtedly the young talent of a country that carry the message and reflect the mood of its people. And so it is in that lovely Emerald Isle, Ireland, where one of that country's most popular talents are The Blarney Folk.

Built on a firm base of great talent and outstanding showmanship, The Blarney Folk have enjoyed success and fame that has spread far beyond Erin's own shores. Since settling in America, they have brought their own distinctive brand of Irish ballads to the vast audiences of two of this country's most famed pubs — Mike Brodbines Harp & Bard in Danvers, Mass, and to Terry O'Neil's and Jerry Toner's John Barleycorn on New York's East Side — along with a string of sold-out concert appearances throughout the country. The remarkable success of The Blarney Folk in this country is best attested to by the legion of fans who travel hundreds of miles to hear these youngsters wherever they are in attendance.

The threesome Brian O'Brien on guitar, Mike O'Brien on banjo and Eugene Byrne on bass fiddle all in their early twenties, sing and play with such a warmth of spirit and fine good humor their audiences are borne on the wings of song to the green vales of Ireland. The combination of unique professionalism and a home spun dedication to that which is traditional Irish have made The Blarney Folk great favorites throughout the land.

Now, headlining the famous Sound of Ireland show, touring North America for its third year. The Blarney Folk share then musical spotlight with some of Erin's finest singers, dancers, instrumentalists and comedians. Their choice of musical numbers is typically Irish … and yet not typical. That they are in today's "bag" there can be no doubt; yet, they also sing of those things that are most dear to the hearts of their countrymen.

Here, in their London International Records LP debut, we invite you all to enjoy this most fitting introduction to our shores of Ireland's own The Blarney Folk as they sing and play their musical tales. In The Sound of Ireland.