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Blackeyed Biddy   •   Peace, Enjoyment, Love & Pleasure

  • Peace, Enjoyment, Love & Pleasure
    • 1993 - Greentrax CDTRAX 056 CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. Rolling Hills of the Borders (Matt McGinn)
    2. Too Small a Word (McClelland)
    3. Sandy Bell's Hornpipe (R Smith)/Up to the Left (Koren)/ Joy Mortimer's 19th 21st (Koren)
    4. Silent Majority (McClelland)
    5. Monday Morning (Andy M. Stewart)
    6. Ailsa Ann Anderson (J. Mackay)
    7. Bonnie Ship the Diamond
    8. Right to Be Free (McClelland)
    9. Swedish Waltz/The Lonesome Boatman (Finbar Furey)
    10. Ae Fond Kiss
    11. Farewell to the Haven (Davy Steele)
    12. The Little Cascade (G.S. MacLennan)/Keir's Tune (McClelland)

  • Blackeyed Biddy
    • Lionel McClelland: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Flute, Whistles & Double Bass
    • Kris Koren: Backing Vocals, Guitar, Mandola, Mandolin, Banjo & Bodhràn
  • Musicians
    • Finbar Furey: Uillean Pipes & Whistles (on 'Rolling Hills Of The Borders')
    • Brian McNeill: Fiddle & Concertina
  • Credits
    • Recorded At Pier House Studios, Edinburgh
    • Engineered by Pete Haigh
    • Produced & Mixed by Brian McNeill
    • Front Cover Photograph by David Harrold
    • Sleeve/Label Design by John Haxby