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The Billy Boys   •   Good Evening Everybody

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  • Good Evening Everybody
    • 1965 - Lynsound LYN 7002 [7"] (UK)
  • Side One
    1. The Irish Rover
    2. Boston Burglar
    3. Eince Zwei Gzuffa
  • Side Two
    1. The Wild Rover
    2. Pretty Peggy-o
    3. The Cuckoo

  • Musicians
    • Pete, Des and Jeff …
  • Credits
    • Cover Design: Lawrence Arthur

Sleeve Notes

The familiar title line of the "Billy Boys" introduction song. An evenings entertainment by this lively and much travelled folk trio from Merseyside is an experience not to be missed. During their travels, mainly in Germany and Ireland, they have picked up many songs, some being humorous and light and others romantic. Six of these, sung and played by Pete, Des and Jeff, are to be found on this record made "live" to give the full atmosphere, at their own club.

THE IRISH ROVER. This could possibly be called a piece of light hearted Irish propaganda brought out to persuade people to emigrate during the potato famine. After Jeff, Pete changes the mood with BOSTON BURGLAR, a plaintive ballad which tells of a wayward young man who was sent to the now demolished but still notorious Charlestown Military Prison. Then follows an infectious Bavarian beer drinking song EIN ZWIE GSUFFA which, in English, means "One, Two and Down the Hatch." This a familiar refrain in the beer houses of Munich.

A firm favourite in both England and Ireland is this song the WILD ROVER. Des and Jeff frequently introduce this song as being Pete's life story. On a more serious note they follow with PRETTY PEGGY OH. The refusal of marriage by this maiden causes the Dragoon captain to die of a broken heart. And so as the night draws to an end the "Billy Boys" finish with another German song, THE CUCKOO. To see them perform this to witness spontaneous folk at its best, whilst singing they are also doing the traditional schuleplatter dance hence the obvious enjoyment of the audience.