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The Beggarmen   •   The Beggarmen

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  • The Beggarmen
    • 1976 - Currach CUR ES77614 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Ned Kelly (Trad. Arr. Kennedy, O'Carroll)
    2. Mr. Bojangles (J.J. Walker, Arr. Kennedy, O'Carroll)
    3. Duelin' Banjo (Trad. Arr. O'Carroll)
    4. Anna Liffey (Trad. Arr. Kennedy, O'Carroll)
    5. Flower of Scotland (R. Williamson, Arr. Kennedy, O'Carroll)
  • Side Two
    1. Lord of the Dance (Sydney Carter, Arr. Kennedy, O'Carroll)
    2. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (B. Dylan, Arr. Kennedy, O'Carroll)
    3. If I Were Free (T. Edmonson, Arr. Kennedy, O'Carroll)
    4. Triple - Decker (Trad. Arr. Kennedy, O'Carroll)
    5. Rocky Top (J. McReynolds, Arr. Kennedy, O'Carroll)
    6. Black Velvet Band (Trad. Arr. Kennedy, O'Carroll)

  • Musicians
    • Seamus Kennedy (Belfast)
    • Tom O'Carroll (Dublin)
  • Credits
    • The Beggarmen would like to take this opportunity to thank the following friends and fellow-performers for their unstinting assistance and invaluable contributions and suggestions.
      • Patsy Whelan and Mixie Clark of Harvest Home, for their Fiddle, Guitar, Accordion & Drums.
      • Carl Miller of The Bill Carson Show, for his Pedal-Steel and Flute work.
      • Paul Stevens, Mike Dongarra, Stuart Paul of The TAFFARD-DILLIGAFF Distillery Pipe-Band.
      • The Dougherty Sisters, Julie and Kathy, for delightful background vocals.
    • And last but definitely not least, Alan Donati, our masterful accompanist for all his effort in arranging and conducting the strings, playing bass, keyboards and tambourine, and for the sound advice which made the production of this album considerably easier than it would otherwise have been.
    • We would also like to extend our gratitude to Russ Moschetto, and to Pat Costa and Wayne Gervais of Eastern Sound, who along with their technical expertise, kept the "Studio Tension" to a minimum.
    • Cover Design by Seamus Kennedy
    • Photography & Layout by Michael Hanson