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The Beggarmen & Bill Carson   •   Fox Hunt

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  • Fox Hunt
    • 1975 - Fox Hunt DC-52774 LP (USA)
  • Side One: Bill Carson
    1. Man from Kiandra
    2. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
    3. The Lavender Cowboy (arr. Carson)
    4. Patriot Game (D. Behan Arr. Carson)
    5. The Maid of Amsterdam
    6. Whiskey You're the Devil
  • Side Two: The Beggarmen
    1. Reynard the Fox
    2. Lament for the Fox (O'Carroll)
    3. Spanish Fandango (Trad. Arr. O'Carroll)
    4. Rocky Road to Dublin
    5. The Leitrim Fancy
    6. Big Strong Man
    7. Paddy on the Railway

  • Credits
    • Side One — All tracks: Trad. Arr. Carson, unless otherwise note
    • Side Two — All tracks: Trad. Arr. Beggarmen, unless otherwise note

Sleeve Notes

For a great evening of fine food, drink and the best in entertainment, then Tom and Ron Fox are the men to see. They are the brothers who have revolutionised the suburban eating/entertainment scene in Chicago, and spare no pains to ensure that an unforgettable night is had by all who enter their Pub in Orland Park. The menu has a wide and excellently prepared choice of dishes, served by a pleasant, smiling staff, who also do everything in their power to make for a memorable evening.

The entertainment is indicative of Tom and Ron's desire for perfection in all aspects of the operation of their establishment. They bring acts from all parts of the United States, as well as from such far flung places as Ireland and Scotland, the homelands of the two acts featured on this album.

BILL CARSON hails from Glasgow, Scotland, and is a renowned Celtic folk singer who has performed in all the top clubs in the United States, among which are "The Gate of Horn", in Chicago, "The Hungry I" in San Francisco, the John Hancock Hall in Boston; and he has also appeared on the "Tonight" show. Bill has other albums to his credit, not to say anything of his concert appearances in Carnegie Hall, New York, the most recent of which was with Pat Cooper.

THE BEGGARMEN are two young, talented Irishmen, Tom O'Carroll from Dublin, and Seamus Kennedy from Belfast. They perform on not less than seven different instruments, including banjo, guitar and mandolin, and their act is not only musical but humorous. The Beggarmen have made television appearances, concerts (one with the famed Jury's Cabaret from Dublin), and have not only recorded in their own right, but have provided backing for other artists.

Bill Carson and the Beggarmen would like to thank the following for making this album possible …
Mary Carson, for her fine vocals on "Man from Kiandra", Tommy Grassetti, for his superb bass work, Steve Langstaff of the Musician's Workshop, Waltham, Mass., for a great engineering job, and last but not least, Tom and Ron Fox for asking us to record our songs for them.