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John Aherne   •   At Home and Abroad

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  • At Home and Abroad
    • 1974 - Tara TARA 1005 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. The Hot Asphalt
    2. Gra Mo Chroi
    3. Little Ball of Yarn
    4. Avondale (D. Behan)
    5. Spancel Hill
    6. The Lark in the Morning
  • Side Two
    1. Follow me up to Carlow
    2. Fiddlers' Green (J. Connoly)
    3. Bodenstown Churchyard
    4. Master McGrath
    5. Seán O Duibhir a'Gleanna
    6. Many Young Men of Twenty (J. Keane)

  • Credits
    • Producer: Jerry Hughes
    • Recorded at Eamonn Andrews Studios, Dublin
    • Recording Engineer: Pat Morley
    • Recording Technician: Philip Begley
    • Photographer: Jim McDonnell
    • Art Direction & Layout: Danny Skehan
    • All tracks Trad. Arr. Aherne, unless otherwise noted.

Sleeve Notes

"AT HOME AND ABROAD", as the title suggests, is a record to cater for the many audiences in Ireland, and overseas, it has been my pleasure to entertain over the years. I have endeavoured to present this album, as I have presented my shows, so that it may bring back memories of the enjoyment we have had in these performances. The songs I have chosen, are the ones that were the most popular in my shows. To any new listeners, you are welcome to the club, and I hope you enjoy this presentation.

My thanks to Aer Lingus — Irish, whose services I have used for my overseas trips, and who have kindly provided this attractive sleeve. Thanks also to Producer, Jerry Hughes, who had infinite patience during the production of this record — he has not been seen in Ireland since.

Good listening and join in the choruses.

John Aherne

John Aherne is a native of West Limerick, and over the years he has established a fine reputation as a ballad singer and "character". On this record we have endeavoured to capture the enthusiasm, gutsy singing, and spontaneity which emanates from this man on the stage. His popularity made it imperative that this album be produced, and we are sure this is the fore-runner to many more enjoyable and entertaining records.

On this album John Aherne gives us a very representative cross-section of the world of balladry. There are old songs and new songs.

Two of the songs, GRA MO CHROI and SPANCEL HILL belong to the 'dream' category, a type very popular in nineteenth century ballad sheets. MASTER McGRATH celebrates the famous greyhound who won the Waterloo Cup for Ireland in 1869.

There is one song here in the Irish language, Seán O DUIBHIR, one of our great tragic songs, lamenting the passing of the old Gaelic way of life.

FIDDLERS GREEN is a new song about an old fisherman and a favourite of mine.

So may you and I listen to this record and hear John Aherne in person for many a year to come before we all go to 'Fiddler's Green'.

Ciaran Mac Mathuna