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Anne Byrne   •   Come By the Hills

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  • Come By the Hills
    • 1974 - Hawk HALP 127 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Crooked Jack (Words & Tune Adpt. Wolfe Stephens)
    2. Molly Malone (Trad. Arr. M. Colbert)
    3. The House Carpenter (Trad. Arr. A. Byrne)
    4. Willie O'Winsbury (Trad. Arr. A. Byrne)
    5. Captain Kidd (Trad. Arr. A. Byrne)
  • Side Two
    1. D'Arcy Farrow (T. Kendall, S.Gilhee)
    2. An Suantri (Trad. Arr. A. Byrne)
    3. Pretty Saro (Trad. Arr. M. Colbert)
    4. Swallow, Swallow (Alan Taylor, Miles Wootton)
    5. Constantly Changing (Ray Dolan)
    6. Come by the Hills (W. Gordon Smith)
    7. My Father (Judy Collins)

  • Musicians
    • Anne Byrne: Vocals
    • Paddy Roche: Guitar
    • Ray Dolan: Guitar
    • James Connolly: Guitar
    • Michael Colbert: Guitar
    • Pat Armstrong: Guitar
    • Una Moore: Piano
  • Credits
    • Engineering: Philip Begley

Sleeve Notes

To describe a great artiste in a few words is quite impossible. Just as impossible as to describe a great work of art. To fully appreciate either, one must have that personal encounter. The great voice yes, but a lot more besides. Feeling, sensitivity, personality, and above all, sincerity. All these qualities Anne Byrne has in abundance.

Irish, truly Irish, but truly international as well. Songs of Love, songs of freedom, songs of protest and of hope, but never songs of hate. Like all great artistes, Anne Byrne knows that her first duty to an audience is to entertain, always striving to raise the standard of appreciation. As much at home in a large concert hall as a crowded ballad room, pouring out her great art without stint and always getting an overwhelming response.

The truly sensitive understanding between Paddy Roche raises each performance to great heights. Between them they have brought great joy to audiences in Ireland, Canada, the U.S.A. and elsewhere. This new L.P. will be welcomed by their friends everywhere, and undoubtedly win for them thousands of new friends and admirers. To be asked to write a few words on this sleeve is an honour for which I thank them both.

Mick McCarthy