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Anne Byrne   •   Ireland's Jesse Owens & Anne Byrne Sing Favorite Folk Ballads

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  • Ireland's Jesse Owens & Anne Byrne Sing Favorite Folk Ballads
    • 1967 - Capitol T 10469 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Oh, Sail Away (Phillips, Weissman) — Vocal by Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
    2. All My Trials (Gilbert, Lofthouse) — Vocal by Anne Byrne
    3. The Travelling People (McColl) — Vocal by Jesse Owens
    4. Bold Irish Boy (Trad.) — Vocal by Anne Byrne
    5. The Beggar Man (Trad.) — Vocal by Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
    6. Four Strong Winds (Tyson) — Vocal by Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
  • Side Two
    1. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan) — Vocal by Anne Byrne
    2. Nora Lee (Trad.) — Vocal by Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
    3. Come O'er The Water To Charlie (Trad.) — Vocal by Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
    4. Mursheen Durkin (Trad.) — Vocal by Jesse Owens
    5. Hornpipe (Trad.) — Fiddle Solo by Seamus Gallagher
    6. Buachaill On Eirne (Trad.) — Vocal by Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens

  • Musicians
    • Jesse Owens: Vocals & Guitar
    • Anne Byrne: Vocals
    • Seamus Gallagher: Guitar & Fiddle
  • Credits
    • Produced for the U.S.A. by BILL MILLER

Sleeve Notes

Enchanting as sunlight lingering on the emerald hills of Erin, these are songs to treasure — both old and new — played, and sung to perfection by three gifted young artists Ireland is proud to call her own.

From the familiar traditional favorite "Bold Irish Boy" to Bob Dylan's current success "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" this is music of unique charm destined to endure as long as there's an Ireland.

JESSE OWENS and Anne teamed up as a duet only recently. Before that, he toured successfully with ceilidh bands (traditionally famous for their casual entertaining and story telling) and then spent two years performing in Germany. Here, he not only contributes outstanding guitar work but a fine lyrical voice which reflects his deep affection for the old songs of Ireland.

ANNE BYRNE, the bonniest of this talented threesome, comes from a long line of Irish entertainers. She has been singing since she was three and began to concent rule on the enormous store of Irish ballads five or six years ago. Listeners are sure to agree that her voice of exquisite purity is ideally suited to the clear, limpid melodies of her country's great songs.

SEAMUS GALLAGHER is, to quote a favorite Irish saying, "the gilt on the gingerbread" For, as Jesse Owens commented, Seamus is just about the best fiddler in all of Ireland and he also has the remarkable ability to make his guitar sound like u bass fiddle. His performances here are, in a word, wonderful!