The Dubliners: In Print
The Dubliners Scrapbook


  • The Dubliners Scrapbook
    • An intimate journal by Mary Hardy
      • 1978 - Wise Publications ISBN 8-86001-530-0

For many years Mary Hardy writer, broadcaster and music journalist has kept scrapbooks about her friends 'The Dubliners'. She has shared their triumphs and been with them in their bad times.

The scrapbooks consists of cuttings, programmes and letters charting their progress from the earliest days to the place they now occupy, in the affections of countless admirers around the globe. The idea of putting this book together grew out of a request made by Jeannie Bourke (wife of Ciarán), for duplicates of the clippings and pictures which she wanted to keep so that her children would have a pictorial record of their fathers career.

The 'Dubliners Scrapbook' is a revealing document that captures the excitement of their many performances and conveys a personal insight into the members of the group and their attitudes to life.

Letters to the Editor

I thought the below would interesting inclusions … from a historical stand point.

DEAR Sir, — Mobile Dubliner, of Finglas, wrote that the North's contribution was a "wash out". Well. I'd like to point out that the Northern folk groups are much more respected than any of the scrury Dublin groups.


As for ihe Dubliners, they are a disgrace. Most of their records so far have been banned on Irish radio because the words are so disgusting.

This gives the English the opinion that all Irish people are drunkards and bad-minded.

By the way, why don't you print more about worthwhile showbands like the Mainliners. Drifters,. Polka Dots and Gene and the Gents?

My hopes aren't very high that you will print this but as I buy the Spotlight every week I am entitled to my opinion.

Northern Ireland Emigrant.


DEAR editor — I live in England for the past year, but I never felt ashamed to be Irish until The Dubliners new record was released. As everyone knows the Irish have got the name as the "Drunken Irish" — and surely this proves it! I hang my head with shame when I hear "Seven Drunken Nights." Let's have rebel songs, as bad as they are !

"Ashamed of the Dubliners," London.