The Dubliners

The Dubliners: Videography
50 Years - Celebration Concert in Dublin


  • 50 Years - Celebration Concert in Dublin
    • 2012 - Celtic Airs CADVD 0150T DVD
  • Track List:
    1. The Fermoy Lassies/Sporting Paddy
    2. Seven Drunken Nights
    3. The Rare Auld Mountain Dew
    4. Ringsend Rose (St. John)
    5. A Comical Genius
    6. The Showman's Fancy/The Wonder Hornpipe/The Congress Reel

    7. Luke, Son Of Roisin (Sheahan)

    8. Kelly The Boy From Killane
    9. Scorn Not His Simplicity (Martin/Coulter) — w/Chris Kavanagh
    10. The Rising Of The Moon — w/Chris Kavanagh
    11. The Sea Around Us
    12. The Sick Note (Cooksey)
    13. The Heather Breeze
    14. The Mooncoin Reel/The High Reel
    15. The Monto (Hodnet)
    16. All For Me Grog
    17. Remembering Ciaran (Sheahan)
    18. Bainne na mBó
    19. Fiddler's Green (Connolly)
    20. Farewell To Harstad (Sheahan)
    21. Feathered Gael (Sheahan)/Jackie Coleman's Reel
    22. Eileen Óg (French)
    23. A Pint Of Plain (O'Brien)
    24. A Pub With No Beer (Parsons)
    25. Sketch Of A Dubliner (Sheahan)
    26. McAlpine's Fusiliers
    27. Peggy Lettermore
    28. Cooley's Reel/The Dawn/The Mullingar Races
    29. Medley: The Black Velvet Band/Dicey Reilly/The Marino Waltz (Sheahan)/The Irish Rover
    30. Whiskey In The Jar
    31. The Auld Triangle (Behan)
    32. The Rare Auld Times (St John)

  • The Dubliners
    • Barney McKenna: Vocals, Banjo & Mandolin
    • John Sheahan: Fiddle, Whistle, Mandolin & Backing Vocals
    • Seán Cannon: Vocals & Guitar
    • Eamonn Campbell: Guitar & Backing Vocals
    • Patsy Watchorn: Vocals, Banjo, Bones & Bodhran
  • Musicians
    • Special Guest: Chris Kavanagh: Vocals & Banjo
  • Credits
    • Producer: Ceoladh Sheahan
    • Executive Producers: John Sheahan, Eamonn Campbell
    • Director: Tony Byrne
    • Special thanks to: Jim McCann, Tom O'Brien, Brian Hand, Ed Lewis, Fiachra Sheahan, Alan Hennessy
    • Artwork & Layout: Philip Melly @ Design Warehouse
    • Photography: Maxine Baldwin

Sleeve Notes


The Dubliners celebrate 50 years. Accolades come flooding in with the BBC Radio 2 Folk Lifetime Achievement Award. The Tree Council of Ireland honours the group with a ceremonial planting of an Irish oak in a Dublin park. President, Michael D. Higgins sends his congratulations: "The Dubliners have made a unique contribution to Irish music, and continue to make an impact wherever Irish music is heard."

With their first half century of ballad making behind them, it's time to meander back through byways of memory; unravel long winding roads to half remembered places — blurred montage of halls and smoky clubs and after-hours in nameless pubs where clocks have long since stopped... Rambling nights in lost shebeens, where jigs and reels come swirling in with banjo and fiddle in wild abandon, throwing whiskey-flavoured tunes to dancing feet. The Dubliners have served their time, from O'Donoghue's to The Sydney Opera House, from parochial hall to The Royal Albert Hall.

A time to remember and celebrate the founders of this great group of troubadours, who started it all back in 1962: Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Ciarán Bourke and Barney McKenna. These were the originals who lit the flame 50 years ago, and set fire to the world of folk music. Little did they think then that it would spread so far and last so long. When fate struck a cruel blow with the deaths of Bob, Ciaran, Luke and Ronnie, the music and the craic was sustained along the way with John, Jim, Sean, Eamonn, Paddy and Patsy, each of whom lent their own unique talent to the adventure.

But the storm continues unabated. There's no sign of a let up. As Barney says: "It's too late to stop now!"

For the filming of this DVD, hundreds of old photographs were assembled; audio and video clips were retrieved from the archives to capture the spirit of the group down through the decades. Projected performances from the past played an integral role in this celebration concert. The atmosphere was electric, with music, stories and poetry flowing from reservoirs of memory — a unique collaboration between the original group and the current line-up, a perfect party to celebrate 50 years.

The cameras rolled. The magic was captured. Enjoy the celebration.