The Dubliners: Discography
Live at Montreux

  • Live at Montreux
    • 1977 - Intercord INT 160.054 LP
    • 1977 - Intercord INT 66 236 1 LP
    • 1977 - Intercord INT 27 808-5 LP
  • Side One
    1. Fairmoye Lassies and Sporting Paddy
    2. Lark in the Morning
    3. Four Green Fields (Tommy Makem)
    4. Sheahan's Selection: Belfast Hornpipe/Doherty's Reel/Honeymoon Reel/Acrobat/Village Bells/Colonel Rodney
  • Side Two
    1. The Town I Love So Well (Coulter-Martin)
    2. Kelly, the Boy from Killane
    3. The Mason's Apron
    4. Montreux Monto

  • Musicians
    • Luke Kelly: Vocals and 5-String Banjo
    • Barney McKenna: Tenor Banjo and Mandolin
    • John Sheahan: Fiddle, Tin Whistle and Mandolin
    • Jim McCann: Vocals and Guitar
  • Credits
    • Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz and Folk Festival 1976
    • Sleeve Design: Charles H. Hoellering
    • 1977 © Intercord Printed in Western Germany
  • Notes
    • This album marked the final recording of Jim McCann as a full-time member of the Dubliners.
    • Additionally, releases with the 2nd and 3rd covers are much harder to find.

Sleeve Notes

THE DUBLINERS began, fifteen years ago, in a smoky back-room of a bar in Merrion Row, Dublin. At that time, the founder members of the group: Ronnie Drew, Ciaron [sic] Bourke, Luke Kelly and Barney McKenna, sang with the people in the bar and occasionally they busked for a pound or two.

They gradually started to do local radio shows, then followed an odd television appearance which made them popular throughout Dublin. Soon they started recordings and were joined by the fiddle player, John Sheahan. With their television and radio appearances becoming more frequent, their popularity took on a national dimension and even started to spill over into Britain and the Continent. It was not until 1967/1968 that their popularity reached any spectacular level - when their first international hit "Seven Drunken Nights" leaped up the British Hit Parade.

The DUBLINERS are traditionalists, but their music is drawn from the four corners of the world and covers an incredible variety of subjects. In 1974, Ciaron [sic] Bourke fell ill very seriously and the group is still awaiting his return. In the same year, Ronnie Drew decided to pursue a solo career. His place was taken by Jim McCann, who was Ireland's leading solo folk artist.

The DUBLINERS are currently one of the biggest concert attractions on the European circuit working extensively throughout Scandinavia, Germany, Holland and Belgium. They have also been touring through Australia, Canada and the United States. In 1976 the DUBLINERS performed at the Montreux Jazz and Folk Festival, where this album has been recorded.