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  • Notable and Rare Releases
    • Folk Festival - Festival Folk: 1964
      • Folk Festival - Festival Folk: 1964 - Waverley ZLP 2033 LP
      • This live recording includes five tracks by the Dubliners.
      • According the record sleeve, Folk Festival … was "Recorded in Usher Hall, Edinburgh — 1964".
      • The group's first LP, The Dubliners with Luke Kelly was recorded in late 1963.
      • So, these are early Dubliners recordings, but not the first.
      • Luke Kelly sings "Barnyards of Delgaty" on this LP — this song does not appear on any other Dubliners album.
      • Additionally, the version of "I'm a Rover" (included here) is longer than one subsequently recorded on 1967's A Drop of the Hard Stuff.
      • This LP was reissued circa 1969 — other than that, to my knowledge — none of these tracks have been re-released (in any form) since.
    • Irish Folk Night: 1964
      • Irish Folk Night: 1964 - Decca LK 4633 LP
      • Recorded in June, 1964, this live recording includes six tracks by the Dubliners.
      • Also included are 2 tracks with Luke Kelly and Dave Phillips.
      • Apparently, this LP was recorded when Luke was about ready to leave group.
      • Of these songs — 3 never appeared on any other Dubliners release: "The Little Beggerman", "The Wild Mountain Thyme" & "The Bonny Lass of Fyvie"
      • A different ("previously unreleased") version of "Ratcliffe Highway" — from 1969 LP At Home with the Dubliners recording session (see below) — was eventually released on the 1998 compilation, Ireland's No. 1 Folk Group, and subsequently included on other compilation CDs.
      • None of these (original) tracks have been re-released (in any form).
    • RTÉ's Festival Folk — Volume Three: 1983
      • RTÉ's Festival Folk — Volume Three: 1983 - RTE MC86 LP
      • Festival of Irish Folk - Volume 1: 1994 - COL-3113 CD
      • The tracks by the Dubliners, "Town I Loved So Well" (vocals by Ronnie Drew) and "Marino Waltz" were only issued on these releases.
      • These recordings (and videos) were part of the RTÉ's Festival Folk series, recorded at the National Stadium, Dublin in the summer of 1982.
      • The original vinyl LP is quite hard to find.

  • Notes
    • This page represents Anthologies & Guest Appearances by the Dubliners as a group.
      • Additionally, I am only listing Anthology albums with unique Dubliners' tracks.
    • Solo, etc. appearances are listed in the performer's respective discographies.

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