the Wolfe Tones

The Wolfe Tones: 25th Anniversary

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  • 25th Anniversary
    • 1989 - Harmac HMCD 50 CD
    • 1991 - Shanachie SHA 52024 CD
    • 2001 - Celtic Collections TRCD001 CD
  • CD One
    1. Celtic Symphony
    2. Merry Ploughboy
    3. Women of Ireland
    4. Rock on Rockall
    5. The Foggy Dew
    6. James Connolly
    7. The Man From Mullingar
    8. Flow Liffy Waters
    9. First of May
    10. The Piper That Played Before Moses
    11. The Big Strong Man
    12. Janie I'm Nearly Forty
    13. Give Me Your Hand
    14. The Boys of the Old Brigade
    15. Dingle Bay
    16. Monsignor Horan
  • CD Two
    1. Boston Rose
    2. The Zoological Gardens
    3. The Broad Black Brimmer
    4. Newgrange (Bru Na Boinne)
    5. Treat Me Daughter Kindly
    6. Come Out Ye Black and Tans
    7. Slieve Na Mban
    8. Far Away in Australia
    9. Goodbye
    10. Helicopter Song
    11. An Dord Feinne (Oro Se Do Bhatha Abhaile)
    12. The Merman
    13. The Teddy Bears Head
    14. Banna Stand
    15. Many Young Men of Twenty
    16. The Wests' Awake


This is the last Wolfe Tones album (to date) with founding member Derek Warfield. The group did not release another album for 12 years. Apparently Derek made a deal giving Shanachie full US distribution—according to an interview with Brian Warfield (posted on the Wolfe Tones official site)—"The group consisted of four very talented people all pulling together and contributing to what was the Wolfe Tones. This was the way it was for many years until Oliver Barry went into Radio and ceased managing our group. Derek unfortunately saw this as on opportunity to gain control and committed the group to a contract in America which gave the rights of our recordings to a record company in perpetuity. He signed the contract and misrepresented its contents to us. He refused to co-operate with the rest of the group in reversing the contract and relationships went down hill. This action prevented the group recording for twelve years."