Tommy Sands: Arising from the Troubles


  • Arising from the Troubles
    • 2011 - Spring SCD1062 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Song of Erin
    2. A Stone's Throw (featuring Moya)
    3. The Mixed Marriage (w/Dolores Keane)
    4. We'll Sing It All Over
    5. Bloody Sunday (featuring Moya)
    6. Have You Seen Joe Cahill
    7. The Road to Aughnacloy
    8. A Call to Hope
    9. You Sold Us Down the River
    10. Troubles (featuring Moya)
    11. Bessbrook Lament
    12. All the Little Children
    13. Sailing through the Sky
    14. A Quiet Man (The Ballad of John Hume)
    15. Music of Healing (w/Pete Seeger)
    16. Carry On
    17. Silent No Longer (featuring Moya)
    18. The Lagan Side

  • Special Guests
    • The Sands Family: Anne, Ben, Colum & ‘Dino'
    • Pete Seeger
    • Tao Rodriguez Seeger
    • Dolores Keane
    • Steve Cooney
    • Arty McGlynn
    • Donal Lunny
    • Bojan Andic
    • John Fitzpatrick
    • Lisa Gutkin
    • Greg Anderson
    • Richard Parkes
    • Liam Bradley
    • Rod McVey
    • Different Drums
    • Tom Newman
    • Andy Seward
    • John Tams
    • Andy Cutting
    • John McCusker


"Through the swirl of smoke and sulphur came the rebel songs of Tommy Sands. Not in the sense of whooping it up for violent struggle, but in rebellion against the hatred which has pockmarked our history and shredded the happiness of successive generations. This collection provides a soundtrack for days of darkness, days of hope, days of weary peace: soul songs telling our troubled story with a deft eye for exact detail and pitch perfect appreciation of political nuance. Northern Ireland is a savage place drenched in decency. Perhaps it cannot be understood other than by an act of artistic imagination. Arising from the troubles offers a more eloquent and expansive account of our awkward reality than any shelf load of academic analyses."

Eamon McCann

History can relay the facts but sometimes it takes a song to sing the feelings. Such feelings when ignored can all too easily be repeated by another generation.

Most of these songs were written by Tommy Sands and inspired by events and people from both sides of the conflict between 1969 and 2011 and many have never before been recorded or available. These are songs arising out of ‘The Troubles' songs of lamentation, inspiration and celebration.