Noel Murphy: Noel Murphy Performs


  • Noel Murphy Performs
    • 1976 - PLANT PLR 002 LP
  • Side One
    1. The Folker (Fred Wedlock)
    2. The Good Ship Calabar
    3. Comical Genius
    4. Don't Think Twice (Bob Dylan)
    5. Medley of a Hit (Murphy)
  • Side Two
    1. Brian Boru
    2. One Eyed Reilly
    3. A Sailor Courted a Farmer's Daughter (Murphy)
    4. Parting Glass
    5. Rocky Road to Dublin (nearly!)

  • Credits
    • Producer: Nigel Pegrum
    • Mix-down Engineer: Colin Bateman
    • Mastering Engineer: Arun Chakraverty
    • Sleeve Design: Peter Wagstaff Design, Stevenage
    • Photography: Eric James
    • Mixed at: Acorn Studios. Stonesfield, Oxfordshire
    • Mr. Murphy's guitar built by Nigel Thornbory 1976
    • All Traditional, arranged by Noel Murphy, except where stated)
      • Many thanks to the Guv'nors' and club organisers of the following:
      • The Half Moon Tavern. Herne Hill. London
      • The Lord Brooke, Walthamstow, London
      • The King's Head. Rochester, Kent
      • Molins Sports and Social Club. Monks Rishorough, Buckinghamshire

Sleeve Notes

Trying to look inconspicuous in a folk club sitting, wearing headphones, behind a large table covered with electrical hardware meters, leads, plugs and a filthy great tape machine - is not an easy task!

For four evenings in mid-September 1976, however, I did just that recording the singing, playing and outrageous monologue of Noel Murphy.

The dates were not specially selected, no major venues or festivals, just Murph 'on the road' playing the type of club that makes up the backbone of the British circuit.

Each night I watched the audience become captivated by Murph's infectious character - the stream of songs, jokes, asides and anecdotes keeping everyone grinning from ear to ear until they realised they'd missed the last bus home!

Here, then, are some (very live!) sections from those four evenings, and after 50+ listenings I'm still chuckling.

Nigel Pegrum