Pearse Plunkett

Pearse Plunkett: Balladsheet One


  • Balladsheet One
    • 1975 - Cuchulainn CCHS 1011 LP
  • Side One
    1. The Molly Maguires
    2. Schooldays Over
    3. Come To The Bower
    4. Paddy On The Railway
    5. Fiddler's Green
    6. Come Out, Ye Black And Tans
  • Side Two
    1. My Brother Sylveste
    2. Joe Hill
    3. Whiskey, You're The Devil
    4. The Wild Rover
    5. Whiskey In The Jar
    6. Hand Me Down My Bible

  • Credits
    • Producer: Tony Johnston
    • Engineers: Brian and Finin
    • Eamon Andrews Studios, Dublin
    • Photography & Sleeve Design Tony Johnston

Sleeve Notes


"Come over and hear him," said his good friend, Johnny. "He has a voice that could stop a train".

So I went and listened … to sixteen bars … but Pearse Plunkett's voice STARTED A TRAIN!

A train of thought in my mind, which, in express time, produced this album.

Climb aboard, then. The signals are set.

Dubliner Pearse Plunkett is steaming to stardom.

Tony Johnston

  • Notes
    • Pierce McAllorum's ballad singing career dates back to the mid 1970's, when he performed under the name, "Pearse Plunkett".
    • Pierce was a member of The Dublin City Ramblers (approx. 2002-03), and recorded one album with the group — Ireland My Ireland.
    • In addition, Pierce appears on the Jolly Beggarman's release, Dublin In My Tears.